Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (85): Hushpuppi’s Arrest Was Not Hush

Mazi, you don hear dey latest saga?

Hmmm, Egbon, e never tey since I wake up o. wetin be the latest saga?

So you mean say you never hear say dem don arrest Hushpuppi for Dubai?

Oh. Na dey saga wey you dey talk be that? E get anybody for this country wey no know who Hushpuppi be or wey no know say dem don arrest en head for Dubai?

My brother, the things wey I hear say en do just dey burst my head

Even me too o. say en dupe one point nine million people

Na that one wan scatter my brain. People no get conscience o

No be people, na Hushpuppi no get conscience

How person go rob up to one point nine million people and en go fit go sleep for en bed for night without headache?

Na you dey talk say e no get headache, you know whether e dey get head ache? You dey theif from people… you reach five hundred people, you no stop… you reach ten thousand people, you no stop

You reach one million people, you still continue… for say dem leave am enh; by the end of the year he for reach up to two million people

You dey talk two million? Two million na small thing… he for reach three million people. Na wa for this Hushpuppi o…

Na special na wa for am. You hear the amount of money wey  en thief?

Na that one I no know. How much he thief?

My mouth dey heavy me to talk am

Talk am now, how much?

Mazi, the money wey this Hushpuppi boy theif enh, dem talk say e reach one point five billion Dubai money.

Enh! Call don end! Wetin you talk????

One point five billion Dubai money, dem talk say dey money for dollars na up to five hundred million dollars.

Nna enh. I no dey like this kind thing… five hundred million wetin??

My brother five hundred million dollars.

Wetin e wan do with all that money? No be money wey Nigerian government dey find be that

See enh, some countries no even get that kind money;  na only god go judge this Hushpuppi

Which god? Person wey dem don arrest? No worry, Dubai go judge am very soon and the kind jail wey dem go  put am enh… en go pray for god and en no go see am. Kai! This Hushpuppi must be punished to the final level.

You want make dem kill am?

No be wetin I talk be that o

Tor, na you talk say make dem give am final punishment

I mean say make dem use am for example in case of another upcoming 419

Oh okay. You don hear say ex oyo state governor Ajimobi don die?

I hear am o. corona don claim another person again

And you dey there dey disturb me to commot from house; you want make I end up as Ajimobi

God forbid. If na like that you dey think, abeg stay for your house until jesus comes.

Ose. Even 72 health workers for Enugu state don catch dey virus o

Na wa o. e be like say this virus na health workers e dey catch pass

My brother, na dem dey confront dey virus every day now; na dem get dey risk pass anybody for this country… if dem come say dem no go do their job that wan go come be another problem.

Hmmm na true you talk. I hope say dem go better o… abeg I no wan hear say more health workers die from this virus again

Na pray we go dey pray now.

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