Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (84): Coronavirus Vaccine Trial Is Still On Trial

Egbon, good morning o. I get good news for you this morning

Aaah. Mazi, good morning. Wetin be dey good news wey you get for me this morning?

Dem don start coronavirus vaccine trial for South Africa

Hmm mmm. Wetin concern bird with tooth brush? How coronavirus vaccine trial for Africa come be morning good news for me?

Na wa for you o. no be you no wan commot your house because of coronavirus? And even as government don talk say we fit commot house; you still no wan commot your house and vaccine trial mean say very soon coronavirus medicine go fall out and you go fit commot your house

Ehen? I no know say na wetin you mean be that now but the thing wey you no know be say vaccine trial no mean say medicine go commot very soon. Oyinbo people wey don start their own vaccine trial since never still commot medicine

You know whether the vaccine trial wey dem dey do for South Africa go bring medicine quicker than dey wan wey oyinbo people dey do? Why una always dey think say everything wey oyinbo dey do is right? What if their own vaccine trial na fumble and the wan for South Africa come better pass their own?

Tor sorry, no vex for me. I don see your point and please no dey talk say I dey see everything wey oyinbo do as dey right thing; no be wetin I mean be that

Then wetin you mean?

You know say dem talk say e dey take time for vaccine trial to complete and turn into medicine and since oyinbo people don start their own vaccine trial since and e never complete, I dey wonder when the vaccine trial wey dem just dey start now go complete.

Okay o, I hear you. So Egbon, which day you go commot from your house? You no fit stay for that your house forever; you no fit live a life of fear

Who talk say I dey live a life of fear? I dey live a life of caution

Which kind yeye life of caution wey you don hold yourself hostage for that house; so as you dey talk now, even your wife and pikin no dey commot?

Dem dey commot but we get system of how dem go take enter the house whenever dem come back

Na wa o. one day na me go come that your house commot you by force; government don end lockdown since o…

Please please don’t tell me that, so if government end lockdown e mean say corona don end?

No but you fit wear mask and gloves when you dey commot and all will be well

Sometimes Mazi, you dey talk as if you no get sense

Abeg no insult me before I change am for you this morning

I no dey insult you but sometimes you dey talk as if na inside television we dey live wey everybody dey follow rules. You dey shout mask mask mask… okay if I wear mask commot from my house and person wey get corona run to my side commot my mask, come cough for my face… wetin you go call that wan?

Ha ha ha Egbon, you too dey make person laugh. Which kind scenario be that? You don hear of anybody wey dem commot en mask cough for en face before?

I never hear but there is always a first time and I no wan be that first time

Hmmm okay o. I don hear. I just pray for your sake say all these vaccine trial wey dem dey do go work so that you go commot from that your house.


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