Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (81): Minister Of Power, Give Us Power

Mazi, good morning o

Egbon, what is good about the morning. Abi you never the thing wey minister of power talk?

Abeg wetin en talk?

Minister of power talk say, all power belongs to god… ha ha ha ha

Mtshwe… Mazi, you no dey serious this morning. Na me you wan take catch trips abi.

Ahn ahn, dem no dey follow play again?

This wan no be follow play, you dey use me play.

No now, I no dey use you play o. anyway, minister of power talk say dem go increase electricity bill o

Na lie.

Since the time wey you know me, I don ever take bill lie before? Dem don increase electricity bill

Na wa o. wetin be the reason wey dem talk?

En talk say the subsidy wey dey on top the electricity wey we get no dey…. No dey… how dem dey talk this English again o. say dem no fit maintain the subsidy wey dey on top electricity

Na essential thing for this country get subsidy? E be like say this minister of power dey lie jor. If dem wan increase price of something, make dem just increase am instead of all these useless lie wey dem dey tell person

Nna enh, even me sef I think the same thing but I just say make I leave. Remember say for april minister of power talk say dem wan review the electricity bill price

That wan na review, review no mean say dem suppose increase the price; dem fit even review come reduce the price sef

In fact, as dem talk that review enh… me I come think say na to reduce the price; na em make me dey hail minister of power that time now because I think say dem wan do us good

Dem never start to dey give person constant electricity na to dey increase price of the same electricity wey dem no dey give person.

You see am am. You see as we get upside down goal for this country. You know say we dey lose up about twenty nine billion per year because of this lack of constant electricity

You no mean am

Make I burst your head. You know Kaduna refinery?


Now Kaduna refinery cost us about twenty four billion, and dem come talk say outside that twenty four billion, this same refinery get sixty four billion of operating cost plus salary wey dem dey pay workers and the rest. Ask me how much the refinery dey make?

How much?

Zero naira, zero kobo

Enh!!!!! Wetin you talk now now?

The thing wey you hear na the thing wey I talk.

Wait wait wait… so you wan tell me now say as me and you dey talk so; federal government carry almost one hundred billion take spend on top refinery and nothing… not even one naira commot for am


Hmmmm, how problem pass minister of power own o.

Our problem pass every other special problem wey you don hear for this world.

So the thing wey I no understand now be say, the money wey dem talk say na operating cost… wetin dem dey operate for that refinery, wey we no fit see one single result? Abi na spirit dey do dey work?

Even if na spirit dey do the work enh, you go see result. Where work dey… result dey. All the money wey dem dey spend na to pay people wey no dey do anything. Simple

This thing wey you talk now now don burst my head enh…. My head don scatter for ground

Abeg pick am before government go kukuma match am join their evil doings.

My brother. Evils upon evils.

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