Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (80): Mazi Will Not Go Shop Today

Hello… Mazi good morning o. this wan wey your voice be like this, you still dey sleep?

Egbon, no be only sleep… na slap. How I go dey sleep by this time; even though I no dey go shop today, e mean say I go dey sleep like malu?

Sorry o. na every day you dey go shop now?

Yes now, as government don kukuma open everything for the economy; I don dey go shop everyday o. but I no dey go today

Why you no dey go shop today?

Egbon, this your question this morning don dey tire me o.

Ahn ahn, I talk now now? You talk say you no dey go shop today, abi make I  no ask why? I ask because I care.

Okay o. thank you for your care. I no dey go shop because me and my wife dey go see some of our relatives for gwagwalada.

Oh ok o. I no go ask anything again. Make una go well. Federal government don come up with rule for people wey wan enter this country from abroad o.

Wetin dem talk?

Dem talk say, anybody wey wan enter this country go submit en passport at the point of entry and en go go isolate enself for 14 days before dem give am back in passport.

That wan no too bad now. But as dem dey collect people passport, make dem no start to dey use am do mago mago o.

Mazi, you are looking at the wrong area. My own be say; as dem dey talk say make people wey come from abroad isolate demselves for 14 days. How dem go take know say dem go isolate demselves true true?

Nna enh, make I tell you for free now enh. E no get how dem go take verify say anybody isolate enself for 14 days. You wey don dey isolate yourself for the past two months now; e get how anybody fit take verify am? No be as you talk am with mouth, we dey collect am.

But you know say COVID-19 task force people fit go from house to house check if dem dey house.

Mtshw, and if dem no meet dem for house; dem fit talk say dem go buy food or medicine. Dem go chop for the isolation now, man must to wack

Hmmm, e be like say na true you dey talk so o

E no be like anything… na so e be. You no know your country again. Yesterday wen I go shop; I just dey see different things, e no even be like say corona dey sef and task force never verify that wan. Na this upcoming wan na em dem wan verify. Audio verification na em dem go do.

You don talk am finish. After all, dem sabi do audio things well well for this country. Ehen, you hear say government shut down jabi lake mall?

Ahn ahn, say wetin happen?

Bros, you know say dem do music show for there yesterday o

Aaaah, music show? For this corona period? I think say dem talk say gathering no dey allowed?

That is why news of this music show wey dem do confuse me o. something wey churches dey quarrel government since because dem no wan allow dem open, na em jabi lake mall go do show.

Na wa o. so wetin go happen now?

See as you dey ask me as if I be government. Na dem dem go know how to settle. The people wey do the show go go answer question for NCDC and dem go know how dem go do dem from there.

Sometimes Nigerians like to dey push their luck. So because dem talk say you fit open shop, e no mean say you fit do gathering.

Nna enh, even me sef, wen I go shop; I dey dey very very careful. Before anybody enter my shop, dem go wear their mask and use hand sanitizer wey I put for door and if dem no like hand sanitizer, dem water dey wey dem go use wash hand for door.

My brother, you do well. Make I allow you so that you go start your journey

Nna enh, na real journey. Alright now. Later.

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