Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (75): Majek Fashek is Gone

Egbon good morning o

Mazi, what is good about this morning?

Ahn ahn, wetin happen?

Hmmm, you mean say you never hear say majek fashek don die?

Nna enh, I hear the news this morning o, so sad. And you know the funny thing me and my wife been dey hear em music last night o. majek fashek, what a great musician

Honestly, a great musician wey no even know how great e be.

Wetin kill am?

At first some people talk say na drugs…

No o. e fit be drugs; majek fashek wey don stop drugs since

Allow me to land first now; and the fact say en don stop drugs since no still mean say the drugs no fit kill, abi you no know say drugs get side effect? and you no even know dey kind drug wey majek fashek do sef.

I no o but me I dey tell you say I sure say no be drugs kill majek fashek

Anyway, dem talk say e dey sick since last year; say e get cancer.

Hmmm, na wa o and no body know; I no see for news o

E be like say the people wey dey carry news no even know say majek faskek dey sick.

Na for Nigeria here en die?

E no be like. E be like say na as dem carry am go abroad for treatment, na em e kukuma did there.

Ayah. May his soul rest in peace o

Amen. You don hear the latest news about your brother?

Who be my brother?

Orji Uzor Kalu. You never hear say court don order en release from prison?

That wan na news? I hear am yesterday o. e no suppose surprise you now

E no surprise me o, with everything wey don happen on top this en matter; I don know tey tey say dem go release am from prison.

Na the way of your country be this. Once dem arrest somebody in the name of fraud; e no go tey until dem release the person

And if dem no release the person the person go come dey fake sickness until dem release am

This sickness own wey you talk na true. Everybody wey dem don arrest because of fraud for this country don suddenly develop sickness in order to avoid jail.

Deizani do her own… even Dino too; dem plenty o

Nna enh, if you wan list all of dem today; your credit go end on top the matter. As dem dey release orji uzor kalu, protesters don go dey protest for national assembly o

Say wetin happen?

Dem talk say dem want Bubu to commot orji uzor kalu as sitting senator; say make en vacate en seat.

But seriously if no be say our leaders dey shit for market; na something wey dem need protesters to tell dem be this.

Person wey dem don arrest for fraud suppose lose en seat for senator automatically, no question for inside but for this country na only when you become criminal na em dem go promote you

My brother, you no remember that Agbo controversy wey happen months ago; as that wan happen, en too suppose lose en seat but instead dem even give am chance to come support social media bill for senate house.

Everything na upside down for this country

No be everything dey upside down but I agree with you; many things for this country don daburuma and the only way to fix am na with iron hand.

This iron hand wey you dey talk, hope say you no mean military

But you sef check am now, the time wey this country dey under military regime na the time wey we do well well

Ah, our economy do well well but we as a people no do well o; abeg no talk am

Okay o. I no go talk am again.


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