Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (66): Bill of Health

Egbon, how far now? How you dey today?

I dey o Mazi. How things? I just dey read wan thing about wan new bill government wan pass.

Which bill be that?

Dem talk say the bill go help reduce the amount of sickle cell wey dey this country.

How dem go reduce the amount of sickle cell wey dey this country? Dem be God?

Me sef, I don read the thing like two times and I no understand am. I no know whether dem wan test pikin from birth to check whether you be AA AS or SS or dem wan introduce another way to no get pikin with SS if you wan marry

Hmmm okay, we dey talk about corona and some people priority na this wan.

The bill no be bad idea o because no be only corona dey kill people for this country; many people still dey die from SS. na just that the bill no still clear; I still never understand their plan for the bill.

Who dey sponsor the bill?

Na wan senator for Ebonyi… wetin be en name again sef? Sam Egwu.

E be like say I even see am for news yesterday but I no just watch am. I dey watch this corona task force for news. Dem talk say at the end of this week Federal government go review the ease of the lockdown.

Wetin that wan come mean?

Aaaah, Mazi, e mean say dem go do meeting at the end of the week to see whether dem go order total lockdown or not.

Hmmm, I don dey fear say dem go announce total lockdown again

No fear am, expect am. Abi you no see as cases dey increase anyhow of late?

I dey see o. na em make me dey fear to commot now. I think dem talk say government done order wan medicine from Madagascar wey be cure for corona virus now. If that medicine be cure true true; we no suppose need another lockdown now.

Dem don order the medicine but e no mean say the medicine don reach here now and even if the medicine come, dem go still test am for lap to make sure say e dey do the thing wey dem talk say e dey do.

That wan na another long thing.

Exactly, last last enh. E no easy to find medicine for new sickness.

Honestly. The first time this corona commot; I think say scientists go just to wan mixture make the medicine quick quick but from everything wey I don see; I don learn say no be like that life be. Many things dey enter into consideration.

Yes o and all of us suppose bare with them because e no easy to find medicine for any sickness; cancer wey don dey since, dem never find the cure for am even AIDS.

My brother even AIDS and that wan senior corona for years.

I dey tell you. You don hear say your president don appoint new Chief of staff?

I hear o. Prof. Agboola Ibrahim Gambari from kwara state

Na kwara? I think say na north.

You know see the Agboola wey de yen name. no be north oh but en dey the north now for a very long time. E be like say na only northern universities en don teach for

Na wan na northerner by association.

Exactly. Hmmm. Make we dey watch wetin this wan go come do whether en go make any small difference or e go just be another Kyari.

We dey watch. Alright now, later.

Later. Stay safe o.

You too.

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