Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (61): Corona Inspires Mazi to Help

Hello Egbon… you don see the news this morning?

Mazi, I never see anything o. wetin happen?

You no see say the new cases of corona wey we get for this country today na up to two hundred and thirty eight?

Ehn? Two hundred and what? I no understand, shey dem talk say with the measures on ground dem go reduce the new cases of corona?

Who talk that wan? Maybe na for dream you hear am, because nobody talk say corona new cases go reduce; all these wan wey we dey do na say make our condition no reach the condition of Spain

And the thing wey dey disturb me na Kano. The way corona cases dey increase for Kano state na another thing; before na Lagos dey get cases pass any other state but now na Kano

And make you no forget the mysterious deaths wey dey happen for that Kano o. but dem talk say FG don send like three thousand doctors go Kano to go help them

Dem need am. Dem need am pass any other state right now; if not e go turn to something else

So Egbon, na so this year go go be that because of corona?

Hmmm, na so we see am o and no be only this year o, I dey hear talk say this corona thing go continue until 2021

Nna enh, no even talk like that o. how you go say corona go last till 2021? Which kind wish be that?

Mazi, no be me talk am and no be my wish; na science people talk am as dem never near to find cure for am

Whether na you or science people talk am, I no wan hear am abeg. This year wey corona don chop finish, you wan come tell me say corona go still chop 2021

Again, no be me talk am; na science people talk am.

And the cases dey increase na now we suppose lockdown well well but that wan no go possible at all; you don see the hunger wey dey town?

My brother I don see o. hunger dey kill people; I even see one video for whatsapp wey wan woman dey boil stone for her pikin because food no dey

Na wa o. the woman dey this country?

I no even know. She dey boil dey stone o make dem think say food dey fire

Abeg find out if dey woman dey this country

Why… why you wan know whether the woman dey this country?

I wan see wetin I go fit do for am; even if na five thousand naira for her to buy food stuff for her pikin during this lockdown

Aaah Mazi… Mazi Mazi… the only Mazi in this community

Why you dey hail me? No be you I wan give money o?

Abeg commot jare. You think say I no know? E good… the thing wey you wan do for the woman good. I go ask the person wey send me the video and we go start from there

Ok no problem, make you just dey update me.

Alright now. Later


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