Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (33): Beggars Can Bag Money Too

Mazi, no be one thousand naira you give those beggars so? Abi na dream I dey dream?

Egbon, no be dream you dey dream. I dey give dem that kind money sometimes

But it’s too much now. You for ask me for five naira change, I for give you to share for them.

Egbon, I no be akagum like you. How you go give person five naira? Wetin five naira fit buy for this economy?

Make you dey der dey ask quaytion. You no know say these beggars dey see money well well pass person wey dey go office? Why you think say dem dey protest for Sanwo Olu for lagos

Dem dey protest?

Yes, dem dey Sanwo Olu office and state assembly office dey protest say why Sanwo Olu go ban dem from their begging work. Say make en provide work for the disabled in the community but you know the thing wey make laugh for that protest?


If you see the people wey dey protest say them be disabled enh; e be like say all of them get leg and hand. I no see one correct disabled person for that protest

The thing wey dey even burst my head na say beggars too dey protest

Mazi, na everybody wey get problem dey protest now o. very soon even house geh and gatemen association of Nigeria go wan protest

For me sha I no see any condition as excuse to turn beggar; I don see disable person wey get en business and dey do well. You remember Chukwudi wey en shop dey opposite my own for market?

Yes I remember

You know say Chukwudi no get leg

Na lie. You don’t mean it and na him get that big shop for market. Na wa o

Exactly, so all that disability thing no be excuse. Even Kano state government don ban almajiri children from begging for road

I understand that one because those children beggars don dey too use to am and to dey beg for road dey put them in danger.

And if you even come say you wan help those children, carry dem go school dem no go gree; na to dey beg dem want

E good make dem ban dem. At least if dem no get any money to go give those their almajiri masters; those masters go collect sense find wetin dem wan do with their lives.

Inspector General of Police don talk say en go disband the Zonal sars office for Ogun state because of that footballer wey dem kill

You mean that Tiyamiyu Kazeem?

Exactly, say dem go give that sars office to police command

This na good news because sars don turn to another thing for this country but I hope say no be audio disband because e be like say Osinbajo don talk this same thing about sars before and e no happen

I pray say no be audio because that sars office need to be scape goat for this issue

Honestly. If dem no close that particular sars office; other sars office go think say dem fit do anything and get away with am

Na true you talk. But I just dey wonder say if dem close down that sars office, wetin all those sars officers go come do with their lives?

You think say I care? I no care if dem turn to beggars sef but dem go give dem another assignment to do for police force, I no know but dem go dey alright

Dem no go dey alright, I no want make dem dey alright because dem don dey turn into terrorist small small

I just pray say government go end the issue before e turn into something else.

No be sars officer dey come so?

I don vamoose I no get energy

Na so you dey fear?

Bye bye

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