Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (303): Vital Updates On Twitter Ban

Twitter Ban

Egbon: Chai, bad belle people just full everywhere, ah ah, see the thing wey dem talk say this 16 years old girl do for Kwara state o

Mazi: Hmmm, this life too full of bad belle plus wickedness, abeg, wetin the girl do?

Egbon: Dem say the girl and one other person get small misunderstanding, she con vex fin the person go house when she dey sleep, pour her petrol, light the room, so tey the person con pai o

Mazi: Ehn ehn, which kain spirit dey inside that 16 years old girl wey fit make her do that kain thing, na wa o, people wicked for this life o, imagine wetin that girl go do if she old pass that age

Updates On Twitter Ban

Egbon: Na that kain girl dey grow up and pour acid ontop their husband or anybody if dem get misunderstanding, imagine, 16 year old girl

Mazi: God no go give us pikin wey get bad belle o…… i even hear say federal government don talk about Twitter

Egbon: Ohhhhh, na now dem dey ready to make Naija people use Twitter, imagine the amount of money wey people don loose ontop say government put leg ontop Twitter

Mazi: My brother, no be small something o, if no be say government no take better hand handle the matter e no suppose reach this level

Egbon: No mind dem jare, but, when dem con talk say dem go commot the leg wey dem put ontop Twitter like this

Tinubu Under Fire

Mazi: Lai Mohammed talk say na very soon government go carry leg commot ontop Twitter, na how soon e go be we never know sha……see the thing wey i hear say Tinubu do again o

Egbon: You see ehn, all these kain thing no fit shock me, as e be say 2023 elections don dey knock door, wetin dem talk say him do and na who talk am

Impromptu Examinations For Borno State Teachers

Mazi: Na one of the people wey get post for inside PDP, Bode George talk say Tinubu no get certificates, con even talk say no be small money him dey collect from Lagos state government every month

Egbon: Well, anything dey possible, but, e for make sense if the person wey raise these allegations get evidence and if the person wey dem accuse too dey ready to counter am…… Con see as Borno Governor do test for these teachers o

Mazi: Test kwa, na governor con dey do promotional test for teachers now?

Pidgin News (303): Vital Updates On Twitter Ban

UNICAL Management Warns Lecturers

Egbon: Laugh… dem say the governor visit one community, naso him gather like 65 teachers together say make dem con write test o, see the question wey him set give dem

Mazi: Na wa, no be small matter o, but las las, e make sense, e show say him self wan know whether the Teachers qualify for the job…. Egbon, i no know where education matter dey go for this country o

Egbon: Hmmmm, that thing wey you mention like this no be small something o

Mazi: I read am for inside Newspaper say the management of University of Calabar accuse some of their lecturers say dem dey give students question and answer paper make dem go answer during exam, say some students even dey write exam for hotels, con later submit give their lecturers

Egbon: Yeye dey smell, which kain level be that, you sure say the labour of our heroes past never waste ontop education like this

Mazi: Hmmm, e never finish o, dem say some lecturers dey sleep with female students, con give dem mark and even dey collect money from some students hand, see ehn, the matter plenty o, make i con dey go, we go see later

Egbon: Hmmm, e look like say Naija don jam Obey like this o, later now

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