Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (296): Sheik Gumi Expose President Buhari

Sheik Gumi Expose President Buhari

Mazi: Kai, some people get black and wicked mind o, you remember that big supermarket wey catch fire for Abuja

Egbon: Beeni, i remember, wey dem talk say na like 5 Billion naira good burn there

Mazi: Hmm, my brother, i see some video ontop internet wey show say na one 9 year old girl start the fire for inside the supermarket, for inside the video, she go where dem put Gas cylinder, ON am, the whole supermarket con catch fire

Egbon: Ahhhh, na wa o, some people get bad belle, make police torchlight the matter well well, make dem fit know whether na plan work

Mazi: E look like say dem don start to dey torchlight am already, because na inside police office dem dey ask the girl questions

Egbon: E make sense like that o, make dem trace the people wey get hand inside the burning, how dem go just destroy another man business like that

Mazi: Kai, 5 Billion naira o, well, make we see how the matter go be, dem say Sunday Igboho matter don enter another level?

Egbon: Naso me self hear am o, dem say na illegal way him take enter Benin, say dem wan torchlight Sunday Igboho matter make dem fit know the people wey him join hands with to take enter Benin Republic

Mazi: Hmmm, but wait o, e look like say Benin Republic government no allow make dem carry him come back to Naija o

Egbon: Dem no allow say make dem carry him back come Naija

Mazi: But wait o, why himself no dissapear commot for the prison where dem put am, i bin think say him dey wear Juju jacket that time wey him dey Naija now

Sheik Gumi Exposes President Buhari

Egbon: You no say no be everytime person suppose dey show himself, e get one of him people wey even talk say him no wan dissapear sake of him wife and the Yoruba Nation

Mazi: Tah, which kain excuse be that one, make him dissapear if him Juju dey work for him, you hear wetin Sheik Gumi talk ontop Buhari government?

Egbon: I never hear am o, wetin him talk?

Mazi: Sheik Gumi talk say make Buhari resign as he show say him government no dey capable to stop the way wey criminals dey pai innocent Nigerians up and down, him say the blood wey dey flow under this administration too much

Egbon: Ehn ehn, you mean say na Sheik Gumi talk this thing wey you talk now now?

Mazi: I dey tell you, for inside the video, Sheik Gumi even talk say na Buhari dem suppose hold for clothe as criminals dey pai plenty people under him government

Northern Elders Knock Buhari

Egbon: Ah, if na true say Gumi talk this thing, e make sense o, and e show say no be dust i dey yarn since

Mazi: Nobody talk say you dey yarn okpata, the thing be say no be everytime we suppose dey blame government, e get how some Naija people say dey contribute to the bad bad things wey dey happen

Egbon: Make i shock you (cut in..

Mazi: Shock yourself, no shock me

Egbon: You no go beleive say Northern Elders dem talk say e possible make this Buhari government drive naija bus enter bush before 2023

Mazi: Maka why?

Woman Kills Her 2 Kids Over Disagreement With Husband

Pidgin News (296): Sheik Gumi Expose President Buhari

Egbon: Which wan be maka why, you no see as him government dey drive Naija car, wo, make we commot there, con check this tory, dem say one woman for Kenyan kill her two children

Mazi: Ahhh, this killings con too much like this o, why she kill her children?

Egbon: Dem say she and her husband get misunderstanding, she con vex kill the children wey she born for the man, but police don arrest her sha, make i con dey go jare

Mazi: Ok now

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