Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (291): Mike Adenuga’s Side Chic Cries Out

Mike Adenuga’s Side Chic

Egbon: Omo, e look like say this COVID-19 palava still dey ground like say tomorrow no dey o

Mazi: No be lie o, I see the tory wey talk say COVID-19 kill one Doctor for Cross River, later I con hearsay UNILAG don talk say make their students commot for the school hostel

Egbon: Na wa oh, and plenty people dey act like say everything don normal, people no too dey wear face mask again, no more hand washing plus sanitiser like before before

Mazi: My brother, the fact say plenty people no dey follow the COVID-19 protocol no mean say make I con dey play kite with my life o, me never loose guard 

Egbon: Yes o, make the matter no con enter sorry case, e dey important make we dey do the needful

Mike Adenuga’s Side

Mazi: Nothing wey person no go see ontop this social media sha

Egbon: Wetin you see again o, the seer

Mazi: No be one video wey dey circulate ontop internet, the video show say one woman wey dem talk say na Mike Adenuga side chick (cut in…

Egbon: Side kini, Mike Adenuga too dey do side chick business, wetin the woman talk

Mazi: No be the tory i dey try explain before you cut am, dem say the woman dey cry for help, say Mike Adenuga wan chase her commot for the house where she dey stay, after dem don dey together for 30 years

Egbon: Ahhh, 30 years, that one no be side chick again o, na side Mama, chick na young lady around the age of 25, 26 now

Pidgin News (291): Mike Adenuga'S Side Cries Out
Mike Adenuga.

Mazi: If you like call her side Grandma, she talk say she no get child for Mike Adenuga, say she no get husband, say him still wan chase her commot for the house where she dey stay

Update On Super TV CEO

Mazi: Na make Baba God dey have mercy on some men o, no be the same side chick business kill that Super TV CEO, wey dem say Chidinma kill for Lagos

Egbon: Na big prayer be that one o, because, e look like say to dey get another eyes for outside don dey for some men blood, i even hear say Police don arrest some suspects join that Chidinma girl self

Mazi: Ehn ehn, i talk am say that girl alone no fit kill that man, the matter look one kain for my eye

Egbon: Lagos police oga talk say dem don arrest some people wey look like say join hand with Chidinma to kill the Super TV Oga, con talk say dem go torchlight the matter well well

Obi Cubana Shut Down Ananmbra

Mazi: E make sense like that o, Egbon, money dey where money dey for this country o, as some people dey shout say hunger dey, say money no dey, naso some people dey spend money like water o

Egbon: no be lie my brother, some people get this money no be small, but, why you talk the money matter self?

Mazi: No be this Obi Cubana wey bury him mama for Ananmbra state, dem say na over 300 cows, almost 70 goats, plus about 2 rams him friends dem dash am

Egbon: Kai, you see ehn, na one of the reasons why Africa no fit develop quick be this, when people dey die of hunger, some dey hospital dem no see money for treatment, one person con dey spend this kain money ontop burial

Mazi: Coolu temper o, na him friends dem dash am the cow, goats plus ram o, no be say him buy everything o, and i no see any bad say him spend him money ontop wetin him want

Whistle Blowing Gone Wrong

Egbon: Na why i first talk say Africa no fit develop quick quick be that, because na to show off some people sabi, dem no fit help each other

Mazi: See ehn, na him money, and who even tell you say him no dey help people, come see as these three old men looseguard o, dem go misfire before EFCC, dem go blow whistle wey no true, court don talk say make dem go prison like this

Egbon: Ohhhh, I hope say dem go learn, make i con dey move jare

Mazi: Ok now

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