Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (274): New Report Expose Bill Gate

New Report Expose Bill Gate

Mazi: Everywhere i turn to, na this Twitter matter everybody just dey talk up and down, e look like say some people take this Twitter serious pass their life self

Egbon: And e show say you self no know say some people life depend on that Twitter wey you dey see so

Mazi: Abeg, no talk wetin no follow, before Twitter come, shey people no dey live their life, how their life take depend on Twitter ?

Egbon: So, you no dey see as people dey sale, dey buy different different items ontop the platform, you no see as e dey help people show their talent plus handwork

June 12 Nationwide Protest

Mazi: But now wey government talk say make the thing rest small, people suppose try understand say e get why

Egbon: Forget the why jare, this government too like to dey chase something wey no get head, i go wait see wetin dem wan do again for June 12

Mazi: Which wan be June 12 again?

Egbon: Na the day wey Naija people go gather throughout the country to do Ogbonge we no go gree, wey oyinbo dey call protest

Mazi: Hmmm, I hope say this wan no go become like the EndSARS own like this, because if the thing turn yam pepper scatter scatter now, na everybody go suffer am o

Bill Gate

Egbon: Commot that side, to protest no suppose be crime if no be say this government no dey like to give people freedom make dem yarn wetin dey their mind

Mazi: I hope say the thing no go turn another thing, you don hear wetin dem talk say Bill Gate dey do before him marriage scatter?

Egbon: Ahh, i never hear am o, abeg give me the update

Mazi: You too like gist, anyways, e get one new report wey talk say Bill Gate get some women wey him dey do plo plo with

Egbon: Ehn ehn, kai, and i bin dey think say him no go get time for women o

Prophet Warns Davido

Mazi: Mtcww, the report even talk say Bill Gate get as him dey do the thing, say him go carry Mercedez Benz enter office, con carry Porsche sneak out go meet women wey him dey collabo

Egbon: Oga o, this life sha, na person wey dem catch be thief o, everybody just get him own package under clothe, e even get one Prophet wey talk say some people go poison Davido

Mazi: Ehn ehn, that wan strong o

Egbon: The Prophet talk say na one of the people wey him dey carry gum body go put the poison for inside him drink, e con say him don pray for Davido o, but say the thing go happen

Mazi: Ah, wetin Davido con talk

Egbon: Him talk say Baba God go expose and punish anybody wey get bad belle among the people wey him dey carry around

Mazi: Amen o, bad belle people too plenty for this life, no be so i hear say one Pastor for Uganda dey rejoice say TB Joshua pai

Pregnancy Among Teenagers In Uganda

Pidgin News (274): New Report Expose Bill Gate

Egbon: Hmm, i no just understand why some people heart dey wicked like that, las las na God go judge everybody matter

Mazi: Yes o, because i hear say that TB Joshua try well well for poor people when him dey alive, con check this thing wey happen for Uganda o

Egbon: No be that Pastor wey him plus him Church members dey dance say TB Joshua pai

Mazi: I don talk that one, this wan talk say 1,833 girls wey their age dey between 10-19 years get belle in 90 days for Uganda

Egbon: Ahh, that number plenty o, all these small small pikin dem, make i con dey move

Mazi: Oya now, me self wan go see one of my customers

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