Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (257): Isa Pantami Suffers Insomnia

Isa Pantami Suffers Insomnia

Mazi: I no know say Enugu people still like this Father Mbaka like this o, i bin think say dem don commot for him back before (cut in…

Egbon: Jor o, wetin con show you say dem still dem him back o?

Mazi: I read wan tory wey talk say Mbaka dey Miss, say dem dey find am, naso Ohanaeze talk say make federal government no joke with snake, small time, him supporters don full street dey protest

Egbon: Ehn ehn, i hear say dem dey find am, i con later read say DSS talk say no be dem carry Mbaka keep, say dem no know where him dey

Mazi: My brother, na as the tory dey fly up and down, wey some people dey do protest, small time like this Mbaka show, con see as people dey jump, dey shout join for Enugu

Egbon: Hmmm, e show say some people still like the man be that, as him con dey reappear dey disappear like this, but, make we no lie, the man no try

Mazi: Why you talk say him no try, afterall, him don talk say him no know say na like this the matter go be, before the federal government con dey talk say him dey ask for contract

Isa Pantami

Egbon: My brother, that one na to show you say federal government no dey waste time to tackle anybody wey no dey the same page with them

Mazi: Hmmm, me self they wonder why dem no talk all the things wey dem dey talk now when him never talk say make Buhari commot or make dem remove am

Egbon: Na this kind thing dem dey call Padi padi government, dem no dey wan hear truth, see as dem dey cover Isa Pantami plus Gumi dem

Mazi: I even read one tory where Isa Pantami talk say him get Insomnia, say him no dey fit sleep ontop naija matter

Egbon: Him no go feel sleep, pikin wey no want make him mama sleep no go sleep too

Mazi: Ahhhhh, no be wetin him mean be that o, him just dey try talk say the things wey dey happen for Naija no dey allow make him sleep

Egbon: Anything wey him like make him talk, my own ny say anybody wey no wan make peace dey this country no go get peace

Best Nigerian President 

Mazi: Be calming down, you no need to curse anybody (cut in..

Egbon: This wan no be curse, na fact i dey talk, anybody wey want make Naija get peace go get peace and anybody wey want make Naija people dey suffer go hear am

Mazi: Tor, time dey quick run o, sharp sharp, e don reach 11 years wey Umaru Yar’adua pai like this

Egbon: Kai, na almost everyday i dey remember that man, in my own opinion o, that man na the best President wey ever rule Nigeria, i hope say we go get that kind man again one day

Mazi: No be lie, that Yar’adua na person wey get better intention, him try him best

Egbon: Abi now, him no dey tribalistic, nepotistic like some people wey i no wan mention their name

Mazi: No mention, you no need to throw stone, the thing wey matter pass na say make him soul rest in peace

Egbon: No doubt, him soul dey rest well sake of say him the work of him hand make sense when him bin dey alive

Lesbians Fight Dirty

Pidgin News (257): Isa Pantami Suffers Insomnia 1
Injured lesbian.

Mazi: Las las, good name better pass plenty money, but e still make sense make we make money o, make the matter no enter sorry case

Egbon: Shebi na you, you must to talk about money, anyways, money dey important, Mazi con see as this girl lesbian partner wunjure her o

Mazi: Lesbian partner, wetin happen to them?

Egbon: Hmmm, my brother, according to the thing wey the girl talk o, her lesbian partner dey very violent, she say she don beat her before, but she no talk the thing wey dey cause the beating

Mazi: Nothing wey Musa no go see for gate, make i move before time too run

Egbon: Ok, we go see later now

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