Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (250): Isa Pantami For President

Isa Pantami

Egbon: As things dey go for this country, e look like say the soldiers wey dey fight Boko Haram dey waste their time ontop nothing

Mazi: Ahhh, which kind talk be that, how you go talk say dem dey waste their time ontop nothing

Egbon: Na better question you ask, make i give you better answer, dem dey waste their time because Naija government dey play hide and seek game

Mazi: If i talk say i understand wetin you just talk now, na lie i dey lie, how dem dey play hide and seek, you no see as dem dey budget plenty money to fight Boko Haram plus bandits?

Egbon: My brother, na part of the hide and seek game be that, shey you don hear the thing wey federal government talk ontop the Isa Pantami case?

Mazi: I read am for inside Newspaper say Nigerian government talk say dem Tanda put for Isa Pantami back, say the thing wey him talk don pass 

Egbon: Imagine that kind talk, i sure say this Isa Pantami self fit contest for Presido

Isa Pantami

Mazi: Presido kwa, him tell you say him wan contest?

Egbon: No be Pantami talk am, na one Army General, Major General Abdulmalik Bulama Biu talk say Boko Haram member wey don repent fit contest to become Presido or any position wey dem like

Mazi: Ohhh, but Isa Pantami no be repentant Boko Haram member

Egbon: But federal government no torchlight the matter, instead, dem say dem wan torchlight the people wey dey behind the allegation, even when Pantami talk say true true, him talk the things wey dem accuse am say him talk

Baba Ijesha On Fire

Mazi: I still wan give government the benefit of the doubt say dem go do something, but if dem no con do anything, na that time i go talk wetin dey my mind

Egbon: You better talk the thing wey dey your mind now because e sure say Isa Pantami no go resign and dem no go sack am, we go just talk talk, move to the next topic

Mazi: Make we wait now, Nna ehn, i see one tory wey shock me o, dem say this Nollywood Actor, Baba Ijebu rape 14 year old girl

Egbon: No be Baba Ijebu o, na Baba ijesha, me self see the tory and e do my body one kind, imagine the person wey people dey look like good example o

Mazi: Hmmmm, na wa oh, dem say him don dey rape the girl since she dey 7 years old, say na as the mother of the girl notice, she con arrange CCTV wey record am as him dey do the do again

Egbon: Some people no get shame and dem no get conscince, how man wey him age don pass 40 year old go dey rape 7 year old girl, dem suppose take am do example

Mazi: No be lie, make him case fit be example to other people wey dey do that kind thing plus the people wey go still wan do am

Primary School Teacher Rapes 2 Male Pupils In Oyo

Egbon: Ahhhh, wetin dey play for this world self, na Baba Ijesha own we still dey talk, con see this 30 year old primary school teacher o

Mazi: Wetin do am?

Egbon: Na him do something o and i sure say something go do am too, dem say him rape two of him students webi 11 and 14 years old

Mazi: Ehn ehn, which kind thing be that, this things get as e be o, but wetin him talk after dem arrest am

Egbon: Him talk say na devil push am, say no be ordinary eye, but i sure say him eye go clear if dem send am go prison, where him go learn

The Boyfriend With 35 Girlfriends

Pidgin News (250): Isa Pantami For President

Mazi: Nothing wey person no go hear, this life self, con see this Japanese man o, dem say him get 35 girlfriend wey him dey lie give at the same

Egbon: 35 girlfriend keh, which kind person him be, how him take dey do am

Mazi: See question o, how you wan make sabi that one now, na only one woman i get, so i no get experience

Egbon: Laugh, i know say na one woman you get, i only dey try know if dem explain how him take dey do am for inside the tory

Mazi: You wan learn how him dey do am?

Egbon: I get my woman now, and him love don do me

Mazi: Inside the tory, dem talk say the man give different different days as him birthday to dey collect gift from the women

Egbon: Laugh, wonder no go end, abeg, make i con dey go, person need this kind tory sometimes, to see something wey go make man laugh, because this country situation get as e be

Mazi: Me no dey put country situation for mind o, i no fit kill myself, we go see later now

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