Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (229): FG Wan Investigate Nigerians

FG Wan Investigate Nigerians

Mazi: E look like say this government no wan sabi the thing wey dem dey do again o, which kind thing be this wan like this

Egbon: Na now you sabi say dem no sabi wetin dem dey do, na today i don dey talk am say this government too dey do things wey no get head

Mazi: True true, no be today you don dey talk am, but you see this wan wey i dey read shock me, dem say federal government wan begin to dey investigate Nigerians

Egbon: Ontop wetin o, why dem wan dey torchlight Nigerians matter?

Mazi: According to one of the people we dey help Buhari ontop social media, Lauretta Onochie, government wan carry Big torchlight look the matter of Nigerians wey dey live large, to fit sabi how dem dey take see money

Egbon: Hmmmm, well, if na that one e look like say dem get small point sake of say plenty Nigerians just dey show money and no be say dem get better Job wey dey give dem that kind money


Mazi: I no understand the kind eyes wey you dey take see this matter o, government wey wan sabi how people dey take see money, why dem no torchlight the reason why suffer head dey ma ma people

Egbon: If na this wan wey you talk now now, i don talk am say make government teach people how dem go fit catch fish, no be to dey carry small small fish give dem

Pidgin News (229): Fg Wan Investigate Nigerians 1
Lauretta Onochie.

Mazi: Me still think say this move wey government wan make no too follow o, make the thing no go look like SARS matter

Egbon: If dem wan do am well, make dem no allow make SARS run the package

Buhari Blames Health Workers In Nigeria

Mazi: My own opinion na say make government no do the kind thing wey go make people do ENDSARS again

Egbon: Make we see how dem go take do am, Mazi, con see as your Presido dey carry blame knack health workers head for this counntry

Mazi: Oh, no be your presido again, abi you self don start the Yoruba Nation something

Egbon: No be say i start Yoruba Nation something o, the thing be say i no go call am my presido anytime him do or talk the thing wey no follow

Mazi: So, na wetin him talk now wey no follow o

Egbon: Him talk say na the behaviour of Nurse plus Doctor for this country dey make some people travel commot go collect treatment for Obodo Oyinbo

Mazi: Well, him talk no too bad like that sake of say if you see how some Nurses dey behave, you no go like am

Egbon: Forget it, that one no be talk, him just dey try shift the blame wey government suppose carry put for another people head

Mazi: Which blame be that?

Egbon: If government no fit do better hospital, pay Health workers well, buy equipment, people go still dey run commot for this country go collect treatment abroad

Leah Sharibu Gives Birth Again

Mazi: Your point no too miss road, but those Health workers too suppose check the way dem dey talk to the people wey want collect treatment

Egbon: My point no miss road at all, na confirm i talk

Mazi: No be lie, wait o, i hear say Leah Sharibu don born pikin again

Egbon: Ah, for inside the place where Boko Haram keep am too?

Mazi: Na so i hear the tory o, dem talk say na the second pikin wey she go born since dem carry am that time

Egbon: E dey always pain my chest say government no dey face wetin dem suppose face for this country, see the time wey this girl don dey for Boko Haram side

Teacher Brutally Flogs 12 Year Old Pupil

Mazi: Make we no lie, government suppose find how dem go take rescue that innocent girl

Egbon: Na another thing dem go face, wait o, see how Teacher flog this boy, see him Bumbum

Fg Wan Investigate Nigerians

Mazi: Kai, where this one take happen?

Egbon: Dem say na Nsude Seminary school for Enugu State o, the person wey post am say the Teacher talk say the boy jump fence

Mazi: Some people get wicked mind, the Teacher suppose find another way to take punish the boy, no be this kind punishment now, maka why

Egbon: E tire me o, make i con dey go jare, we go see later

Mazi: Ok now

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