Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (227): Bush Meat Catch Hunter

Bush Meat

Mazi: You see this life ehn e better make person dey look well before him jump, these people don jump break leg now, their bush Meat don catch hunter

Egbon: Abeg, na who jump break leg o, where that one take happen

Mazi: No be these three Whistleblowers wey don land for EFCC net sake of say dem go Misyarn

Egbon: Ehn ehn, abeg tell me more o, how dem take misyarn

Bush Meat

Mazi: EFCC talk say the three whistleblowers talk say plenty money dey for inside one house wey belong to before before Minister of Agriculture wey dem call Audu Ogbeh for Lugbe and the information no con genuine

Egbon: Shuu, na that one dem dey call Bush meat catch hunter for my side o, e show say dem no get fact before dem go misyarn be that o

Clamour For Yoruba Nation

Mazi: Na Bush meat catch hunter true true o, but, Las las, e look like say fire don dey ontop Mountain o

Egbon: Ah, Mazi, the firefighter, where you take see fire wey dey ontop Mountain ?

Mazi: You wan tell me say you no dey see this fire like this, you no hear wetin Sunday Igboho talk

Egbon: I hear am and i support am sake of say na true him dey talk (cut in..

Mazi: You support say make Naija matter turn yam pepper scatter scatter?

Egbon: You see ehn, i no support say make war hapen for this country o, but, i support as Igboho talk the thing wey dey him mind

Mazi: I no talk say make him no talk wetin dey him mind, but you no think say that kind talk fit cause war, him dey talk say Yoruba Nation no dey part of Nigeria again

Egbon: Well, i no support war, but my own na say if every tribe wey dey this country no fit get equal right, make everybody go their way, to live together no be by force

Mazi: Hmm, i just dey pity this Sunday Igboho o, na the same thing wey Nnamdi Kanu do be this wey him no fit stay for Naija again o

Egbon: You see ehn, we suppose tell ourselve the true if we see am, everything show say, some region dey enjoy this National cake, some dey see small chop, while some people no even see anything

Mazi: So, you bin think say na to cut head commot be the solution to head wey dey pain us for this country, e be like say you never hear say Northern Group too don give Yoruba people 72 hours Ultimatum

Egbon: 72 hours to take do wetin?

Mazi: Say make Yoruba people wey dey North take park their Kaya o

Fani Kayode No Get Joy

Egbon: Na play dem dey, e no fit happen, me no fit take dem serious, but e look like say this Fani kayode no get Joy o

Mazi: How you take know say him no get Joy, you check him belle to take confirm that one

Egbon: I no need check him Belle, the man behaviour show say him no get Joy at all

Mazi: Wetin happen to him again, i bin think say him never beat anybody again now

Egbon: Hmmm, this time around no be one person self, na different different people wey don work for him house before before they talk how him take their Nose smell pepper

Mazi: Ehn ehn, that one na serious somenthing o, the man suppose see people wey go fit help am find solution to the thing wey dey worry am o

Egbon: No be lie o, because e look like say the thing don too enter him body like this o

Pregnant Lady Tattoos Mayorkun On Her Belly

Bush Meat Catch Hunter

Mazi: Wait o, wetin be this one again, i bin think say this Tattoo something don die down now, see this pregnant lady o

Egbon: Ah, na Mayorkun picture she Tatoo for her belle like this now, na wa o, nothing wey person no go see for this country o

Mazi: I no sure say this lady get husband (cut in

Egbon: Hmm, i no go dey surprise if i hear say na she and the husband self plan am, sake of say dem wan collect money, poverty too plenty for this country

Mazi: Tor, e don be be that o, make i con dey go

Egbon: Later now 


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