Reactions Trail Declaration Of Yoruba Nation

Reactions have continued to trail Yoruba Nation‘s declaration by Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho.

During a press conference in Ibadan, the Yoruba activist declared that the Southwest region is no longer part of Nigeria, adding that people live like slaves in their land.

Igboho noted that the situation at hand might take a twist if the United Nations fail to intervene on time. He accused President Muhammadu Buhari of favouring people of the Fulani tribe.

According to him, all critical federal agencies, especially the Tin Can Ports in Apapa and other maritime infrastructure, are controlled by people from the northern region.

However, Igboho advised Yorubas residing in the north to find their way back home within the space of 72 hours.

Meanwhile, Nigerians have shared their opinion on the Yoruba Nation’s declaration by Igboho, who noted that he made the declaration on behalf of all Yoruba sons and daughters.

Yoruba Nation

@ImportedAlhaji “It’s funny how Sunday Igboho is trying to play God of Yoruba; maybe this man knows little about what Yoruba people are capable of. Those folks never send ur papa, and the moment things went south.

@theonly1acre “This declaration by Sunday Igboho for the Yoruba Nation is sitting right inside a Political Agenda. 

@bengbenro “When you elevate people like Gani Adams to prominence, then you encourage the likes of Sunday Igboho to think of themselves as your mouthpiece. 

Reactions Trail Declaration Of Yoruba Nation

In the meantime, Yoruba sons and daughters from Indonesia have thrown their weight behind Yoruba Sovereignty, noting that they are Yorubas and not Nigerians.

According to the Aare Kurunmi Kakanfo, poverty and the Fulanization plan should not only be the motivation for pursuing self-determination for the Yoruba Nation as a Yoruba Nationalist.

The Aare Kurunmi Kakanfo said the Irish, Scotts, Catalonians and Welsh are not seeking independent nation-states for their ethnic Nationalities
because they are poor or wretched but because of their patriotism for their motherland and their people.

Oduduwa Republic
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