Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (221): Minister For Enjoyment

Minister For Enjoyment

Mazi: Chai, anybody wey say enjoyment no dey sweet na enemy of progress!

Egbon: Ah ah, Mazi anybody vex you?

Mazi: Nobody make vex me o, I just dey reason out some things and i wan add Minister For Enjoyment join my title

Egbon: Ohhhh, Honourable Minister For Enjoyment o, abeg wetin be the story wey bring that title o, Oga Buhari don dash you appointment?

Mazi: Nobody dash me title o, you remember that my friend Royalty wey just born pikin after many years?

Egbon: Yes I remember, wey you tell me say him birthday dey come up in march (cut in…).

Mazi: Gham! Na yesterday him call me say him wan throw little party for few of him friends and say him go like make I dey there.

Egbon: So wetin come happen for the party?

Mazi: Egbon, hmmm, na the opposite happen for the party o! Something wey suppose to be little party turn to first grade VIP cocktail party with orisirisi to chop and package home.

Minister For Enjoyment

Egbon: Eh en, no be small enjoyment be that o!

Mazi: Ezigbo enjoyment na him e be o but that one na small thing compared to the ones wey I go tell you now!

Egbon: I beg yarn me make I hear o, I get interest.

Mazi: If you see the gift wey them give me and no be say na me be the celebrant o!

Egbon: Joo Mazi, na which gift dem give you?

Mazi: You know this new model portable micro wave wey people fit use microwave their food?

Egbon: Yes, so wetin do am?

Mazi: Na that type of microwave them give me take go house o (cut in…).

Pidgin News (221): Minister For Enjoyment 1

Egbon: I beg na audio, no dey talk wetin no follow.

Mazi: No be wash o, na reality I dey yarn you soo!

Egbon: Oga o! Na wedding you go self or na birthday party you attend?

Mazi: I no know the one wey I go call am o because me self shock when I see the gift, like say na me be the celebrant.

Egbon: You see eeh Mazi, na this kind of friend and party I dey like to attend! Ha, God punish poverty (cut in…)!

Mazi: Chineke Jesus don punish poverty put jara self

Egbon: Hey! Person wey them suppose give gifts, come be the person wey dey give gifts. It is a wonderful something!

Mazi: No be small wonder something and e never finish o!

Egbon: Wetin come remain like this if the story never finish?

Mazi: Royalty wife buy am fine car as birthday gift o

Egbon: Oton! Mazi, I believe this one because for celebrant to dey share quality gift to him invitees, e mean say the celebrant get money and also be cheerful giver.                                                                                                                                           

Mazi: Ezioku nile, na person wey chop belle full fit know how belle dey big when e full.

Egbon: Word! You too get sense Mazi. That’s why I dey always talk about you because na serious proverbs you just give now.

Mazi: My brother, na as my name be, na so I dey take dey act but Egbon, I no fit forget or get over that birthday celebration for my mind o. The things wey my mouth chop and suck eeh, hmmm!

Egbon: Ejoor, wetin your mouth eat and sip?

Mazi: After them take gizzard, chicken suya with some combination of small chops take welcome us, na so them give us smoothy, that one wey them dey sip for glasss cup, say make we take cool our temper. 

Egbon: How person no go cool temper with all the orichirichi wey full for ground?

Mazi: My brother, cool temper na understatement. Na cool belle, mind and soul!

Egbon: Mazi! So now, na only you enjoy all these things?

Mazi: E get person we no like enjoyment?

Egbon: But your own na action movie.

Birthday Season Two

Mazi: No be only action movie, by the the time I yarn you the other things wey I chop, the action movie go become season 2.

Egbon: Mazi, as I dey here so, I dey interested in the season two!

Mazi: You self trust me na, I am ever ready as e dey hot!

Egbon: Let’s go there!

Mazi: You remember that big fish mixed with plantain and other vegetables wey we go chop the other day?

Egbon: I no fit forget am o!

Mazi: Gbam! That one follow for wetin I chop plus other sea food things with fruit salad, just because of say I no wan chop too much (cut in…)

Egbon: The ones wey you hammer o kpo, I beg no do me longer throat!

Mazi: No be only longer throat, na appetizer.

Egbon: Make I no lie Mazi, true true, na you be the Minister for enjoyment. I want to dey go, we go see later.

Mazi: Na me be this o, Honourable Minister for enjoyment, take care

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