Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (197): President Buhari Loose Guard

President Buhari Loose Guard

Egbon: I don dey talk am tey tey say Leadership na by example, no be to dey talk talk everytime

Mazi: Na who no con dey lead by example now?

Egbon: So, you never hear say Aisha husband no wear facemask, and na him announce say punishment go dey for person wey no wear mask o

Mazi: Which one be dis corner corner like this, you dey fear to talk, na who be Aisha husband, talk straight make devil shame

Egbon: I no do corner corner kankan, naa President Buhari i dey talk, na him do law, na him no con still follow obey the law

Mazi: Hmm, na now i dey try understand the thing wey you dey talk o, but i hear him special Assistant, Lauretta Onochie talk say that photo na photoshoot, say the thing no real

Egbon: Hiss, no mind that one, wetin you expect make she talk before, no be to dey defend everytime

Mazi: I no support Bubu ontop this one o if na true say him no follow wear facemask when him go Daura, the thing no follow

President Buhari LooseGuard

Egbon: Exactly, Na my point be that, person wey go give another man clothe to wear suppose wear no suppose wear clothe wey don tear tear o

Mazi: President Buhari losseguard no be small, and that time wey him wan go Mali, him wear the facemask go the country that time o

President Buhari Looseguard
President Buhari in his hometown, Daura.

Egbon: Na the thing wey dey spoil the country be this

Advise For New Chief Of Staff

Mazi: The thing wey dey spoil the country plenty, i read am for News say Fulani Herdsmen carry advise give New service chiefs dem

Egbon: Laugh, advise, abeg na wetin dem advise say make dem do o?

Mazi: According to the tory, dem say the Fulani group talk say make the Service chief make sure say dem finish boko Haram

Egbon: That one na better advise o

Mazi: E never finish, dem say make dem carry fight face the people wey dey thief Cow, plus other crimes wey dey the country

Nigerian Army Clears Air Over Chibok Girls

Egbon: The advise no bad, i even hear something o

Mazi: Abeg, na wetin you hear, make me self hear am

Egbon: Hmm, i hear say, the Oga for Nigerian Army, Lucky Irabor talk say the military no girl any Chibok girl for dem custody o

Mazi: Ehn ehn, but, i read am for news say some Chibok girls run commot for Boko Haram camp last week

Egbon: Na the same thing me self hear o, i con dey confuse now as i no know which one i go believe

Mazi: If you ask me o, na the Army we suppose beleive o, sake of say anybody fit carry rumour wey look like News con dey spread am up and down

Elon Musk’s Vision For 2026

Egbon: No be lie, i sha know say one day one day, Naija people go dey free from this Boko Haram people

Mazi: Amen o, make Naija get peace wey go allow make investors enter the country

Egbon: Abi now, make people like Elon Musk, Jezz Bezos plus many other people wey get big money fit con invstest for the country

Mazi: No be lie, i even hear say this Elon Musk man don get plan for 2026

Egbon: 2026 keh, that one far o, you sure say these people na human being like this?

Mazi: My brother, na human being dem be, naso Businessman suppose dey think

Egbon: But, i bin dey think say 2026 far o, even we never finish 2021 wey we dey

Mazi: Na why those people dey ontop for this game o, dem dey think very far and Big

Egbon: No be lie, Business na for person wey get vision wey Big well well, i see one news wey shock me o

Mazi: Na which news be that?

Egbon: Dem say one Lawmaker wey die for Zimbabwe get 12 wives, plus 79 pikin

Mazi: Shuuu, that news reach to shock person o, e mean say that man wey talk say him wan born 40 pikin for Naija still be learner o

Egbon: Learner gidi, make i con dey go, make me self go face my vision like Elon Musk

Mazi: E better like that o, Elon no get two heads, we go see later, take care

Lauretta Onochie
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