Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (188): Message From The Pigeons

The Pigeons

Egbon: Naa since the time wey i hear say Eyele, the pigeons no gree fly for Eagle Square i don confirm say something dey worry this country

Mazi: Laugh… but wait o, i don dey hear this pigeons tory since, but i never understand the relationship wey dey between pigeon and the way wey Naija dey o

Egbon: Plenty relationship dey my brother, for my side ehn, e get one proverb wey Elders dey talk (cut in..

Mazi: Talk am make i hear, but no forget say me self get Elders for my side o and we get proverb too

Egbon: Naa every Tribe get Elders, but the proverb wey Our elders dey talk naa say, if bird no cry as e suppose cry or if rat no cry as e suppose cry, e mean say something no dey alright for the town or village

Mazi: You see, you don mix am up, the elders no talk say if the pigeons no fly as e suppose fly, naa cry dem talk

Egbon: Abeg, naa the same thing, eku o ke bi eku, eye o ke bi eye, and naa confirmation say Naija no balance well

Mazi: As for me o, naa people wey wan put politics inside this matter dey make the pigeons wey no gree fly look like say naa Big deal

Egbon: Shey you no say the other time wey Kidnapper Kidnap another Kidnapper, the thing look like Joke, how we go take explain dis wan way happen to our police people now

Mazi: Wetin happen, naa who dem kidnap again o?

Egbon: Hmmm, my brother, this matter naa very serious something o

Mazi: You don start to dey put suspense for inside your tory like this bah, wetin happen, talk if you wan talk

Egbon: So you never hear say Kidnappers don kidnap 18 police people for Kaduna-Katsina road?

The Pigeons

Mazi: But, Egbon, you no dey fear God o, you con talk the matter like say naa Heaven wan fall

Egbon: So, this wan wey i talk now no be something wey suppose show say something dey worry Naija

The Pigeons
President Muhammadu Buhari at Eagles’ Square, Abuja.

Mazi: Dey try make sure say you no carry dem say dem say, con dey call am News

Egbon: Naa which one be dem say dem say, something wey dey inside plenty paper

Mazi: But the Naija Police Force don talk say no be 18 police the Bandits pai say naa only 4 pai, con say one still dey miss

Egbon: You see, naa one of the problem be this o, dem no go talk true, dem go dey cover the thing wey dem no suppose cover

Mazi: Sometimes self, all these News people no dey confirm before dem carry News

COVID-19 Second Wave 

Egbon: Is ok, whether naa true o, abi naa lie o, the thing wey i know naa say security no take two leg stand for this country

Mazi: At least, the security people self dey try the one wey dem fit do

Egbon: Hmmm, as the matter con be like this, naa who dey safe?

Mazi: Me plus my family dey safe o, sake of say, we dey under Baba God canopy wey no dey tear

Egbon: Pele o, eyan Kano pillers

Mazi: Naa you sabi that one o, how far, you allow you pikin go school?

Egbon: For where, i no fit risk my pikin life o, make dem siddon for house, this COVID-19 part two no be joke

Mazi: Naso o, i don tell my pikin self say make dem dey read for house, this wan wey be say naa everyday the cases dey increase

Biden’s Inauguration

Egbon: O better o, how far, you don buy your Aso Ebi for Joe Biden inauguration?

Mazi: Naa which one be my own for Biden inauguration, who him help

Egbon: I hear say plenty people don dey buy the Aso Ebi o, no carry las

Mazi: Make dem dey buy am, make me face my Business

Egbon: Tor, no wahala

Mazi: I wan dey go jare, we go see later

Nigeria Police Force

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