Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (187): Automatic COVID-19 Healing Dey Iwo

Automatic COVID-19 Healing

Mazi: Dem say make our pikin resume school on Monday, how you take see the matter

Egbon: Hmmm, me no fit allow make my pikin go school now o, naa person wey dey alive dey go school 

Mazi: Me self reason am too o, cuz, i no sabi the plan wey government get to make sure say students no carry the virus before dem say make dem dey resume

Egbon: No be like that dem say make people go dey link sim cards to NIN even when dem no get better plan to make sure say people no dey gum body

Mazi: But, why dem dey do this kind thing self, at least if dem wan make students resume school, dem suppose get better plan for ground now

Egbon: Naa this same thing wey you dey talk some Lawmakers for House of Reps talk o

Mazi: How dem take talk am?

Egbon: Dem talk say dem no support the resumption, say the people wey plan am no carry the information reach dem dommot before dem announce resumption date (read more here)

Mazi: So, naa wetin go con happen as the matter be like this?

Egbon: The lawmakers talk say make government shift the date wey students go resume, say make dem add another 3 months

Mazi: This matter get as e be like this o, i no even support that three months o, i for say make government make better arrangement before dem go allow make the students resume

Automatic COVID-19 Healing

Egbon: My own naa say, i no go allow make my pikin go carry Corona come house, make dem siddon for dem papa house for now

Mazi: Shey you even hear say NAFDAC talk say some people don dey sale fake COVID-19 vaccine?

Egbon: I kukuma hear am, i no know why some people go dey do that kind thing, when people still dey doubt if dem go take the one wey Oyinbo dey do

Mazi: Naa like that some people wicked reach, naa this my own my own dey spoil show for this country

Egbon: No be better idea at all, why dem go dey sale fake vaccine, naa as i still dey wonder as i see that one, naso i hear another gist o

Mazi: Abeg, gist me, e get money inside?

Egbon: Money Money sha, you too like money, naa Oluwo of Iwo talk the gist wey i hear, no be money matter

Mazi: Why i no go like money, you hate money

Egbon: I no hate money o, but i no over like am like your own like this

Mazi: Is ok o, No be that King for Osun state be Oluwo?

Automatic Covid-19 Healing
Oluwo Of Iwo Kingdom.

Egbon: You sabi am well, naa him gangan o, him talk say automatic healing dey for anybody wey get COVID-19 if dem enter Iwo Town

Mazi: Laugh, this wan open my teeth o, automatic healing kwa, naa which kind Juju dey give the healing o

Egbon: Him no talk Juju inside the tory wey i read o, the only thing wey him talk naa say anybody wey carry COVID-19 virus enter Iwo go get automatic healing

Mazi: Ehn ehn, if naa like that e be, make him kukuma tell NAFDAC say vaccine dey Iwo now

Egbon: Oyinbo people self never get automatic COVID-19 healing, naa Iwo go get

Mazi: Laugh, anything fit happen o, say Oyinbo people never get automatic COVID-19 healing no mean say we no fit get o, no be only dem get Brain now

Egbon: I hear your own now, you don see the result for Uganda election?

Museveni Rules On

Mazi: My brother Africa matter taya me o, dem talk say naa that 76 year old man win the election o

Egbon: Hmmmm, i remember that Bible verse wey talk sey e don finish

Mazi: I no just understand why all these old cargo Politician for Africa no dey wan commot for position

Egbon: And no be say dem country get better development o, e go be jare, make i con dey move

Mazi: Africa go dey ok las las, later now

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