Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (182): 30% Paternity Fraud For Naija, Matters Arising

Paternity Fraud

Egbon: Make i no lie, Mazi you do well o, i don finally link all my 3 sim cards to the National Identification Number, thank God say you explain give me o

Mazi: Naa Baba God we suppose thank o, at least you no go need go dey join the plenty number of people wey wan do the linking for NIMC office

Egbon: The thing sweet my Belle no be small, meanwhile, shey you don hear the latest ontop that woman wey dem talk say born two pikin give former FCMB MD (read more here)

Mazi: Abeg, gist me, i never see update ontop the matter o

Egbon: I read am for inside News say the woman don deny say she tell the late husband say no be him get the two pikin

Mazi: Ehn ehn, so, naa who con tell the man say no be him get the pikin?

Egbon: My brother, naa the question wey we never see anybody wey go answer be that o, i even notice say the two pikin no even look like the man wey die

Mazi: Shey you dey try talk say dem look like the FCMB MD?

Egbon: Naa the thing wey i observe be that o, but as the matter be like this, naa only Baba God sabi the truth o

Mazi: Nawa o, even hear one gist say one man wey get 6 pikin later find out say no be him born the pikin, con kill the wife

Egbon: That one naa serious palava o, but some people get mind o, how you go born 6 pikin give another man con carry am give your husband make him dey train them

Paternity Fraud

Pidgin News (182): 30% Paternity Fraud For Naija
Late Tunde Thomas, Moyo Thomas and the Suspended FCMB MD

Mazi: Hmmmmmm, make we dey thank Baba God for our life o, Paternity Fraud no be joke o

Egbon: E even get one tory wey i read wey talk say naa number two Naija dey among the country where wife dey born pikin give different man, dem call am paternity fraud

Mazi: Ehn ehn, number 2 kwa, e mean say naa very few man be the Original father of the pikin wey dem dey train o

Egbon: Naso dem talk am, dem say naa like three out of 10 man no be the original papa of the pikin wey dem dey call their own

Mazi: Chimo, that figure no be small something o, so many man just dey train another man pikin for free

Egbon: Olagbara gidigan my brother, this man, Reno Omokri even chuk mouth put for the matter

Mazi: Naa wetin him talk?

Egbon: Him talk say the reason why plenty woman dey get Belle for another man con carry the pikin give dem husband naa sake of say many Husband no fit perform well ontop bed

Mazi: That one naa another point o, but i no see that point as genuine point, if woman see say her husband no fit do well ontop bed, dem fit find solution together 

Egbon: Yes o, i dey the same page wey you dey, many woman wey dey do that thing, naa Greed, Ojukokoro dey cause am

Mazi: Hmmmm, naa another thing be that o, if woman no dey satisfy with the thing wey she get, she go dey look outside 

Egbon: The worst thing naa say, naa only the one wey we see, we dey talk, many man still dey train another man pikin bin dey think say naa dem get the pikin o

Mazi: Naa why parents suppose dey train dem children well be this, many of the woman wey dey cheat no get Ogbonge training

Egbon: That one naa one side o, the Film, Music plus many other things wey Naija youths dey watch self naa another matter wey full mouth

Mazi: This matter naa serious one o, make we no lie, some people self dey keep secret to their partner before dem marry

Egbon: Mazi, you too get sense, you just dey raise different different point wey make sense, thank God for my wife o

Mazi: Me self thank Baba God for my wife, Mama Ebuka too

Egbon: Ok, i hear say this COVID-19 still dey kill people o

Mazi: My brother, naa why i no ey joke with my face mask plus hand sanitizer o, Caution better pass sorry, the cases just dey increase everyday (cut in…

Egbon: And vaccine never enter Naija

Mazi: E better make we just dey follow the COVID-19 protocol, we go talk later

Egbon: Ok now, take care

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