Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (177): Deeper Life School Palava

Deeper Life School

Mazi: Happy New year to you my brother, I don already dey see sign say this year 2021 naa better year e go be o

Egbon: Same to you Mazi, my brother, as you don dey see sign naso me self don dey see sign say this year go better too

Mazi: Naa better better things we go dey see this year 2021, for my side Business don start again o, as we don finish Christmas plus New year Holiday

Egbon: Naa Monday I go resume work, shey you don hear that Deeper Life School matter wey don dey inside News since 

Mazi: I dey see the Headline but I never too understand how the matter take be o, naa wetin be the latest?

Egbon: According to the thing wey I hear o, dem say dem molest one 11-year-old boy wey be JSS 1 student, dem even talk say naa Sexual molestation plus maltreatment the thing be

Deeper Life School

Mazi: Ahhhhh, sexual molestation kwa for 11 year old boy

Egbon: Naa that Sexual molestation something I no understand o and the latest ontop the matter naa say the parents of the Boy don ask for compensation

Deeper Life School Palava

Mazi: Ehn ehn, naa how much compensation dem ask for and naa who go pay the money

Egbon: Dem say naa 100 million compensation dem want make the management of the Deeper Life school pay, dem don even give the school 21 days to take pay the money but naa later I con see another video where the mother of the Boy talk say dem no ask for compensation

Mazi: This wan dey very serious o, I be dey think say Deeper Life naa one of the Church wey no dey allow Nonsense o, how this kind thing con dey happen for inside the school?

Egbon: Naa as the matter surprise you the thing dey surprise me self, I no just understand how this kind thing go dey happen for our society


Mazi: Nawa o, this life no just balance, I hear say Heart attack kill one man sake of say him wife talk say no be him get the two Child wey him think say naa him own

Egbon: Ahhhhhhh, abeg Yan me well make I understand as the thing take happen 

Mazi: According to wetin I hear o, dem say the man naa Banker, and naa later him con find out say naa him wife Oga for FCMB get the two Children

Egbon: But wait o, shey the man no see any sign say no be him get the wife since?

Mazi: The thing surprise me too o, I even read am for inside the News say the woman don travel go America, where she wan go get green card wey go allow her stay for the country

Egbon: That kind thing naa very serious something o and e fit cause heartbreak for the man self

Mazi: No be lie you talk o, dem say naa the matter cause Stroke for the 42 year old man wey con later lead to Heart failure

Egbon: Kai, this matter no be sweet something at all, naa why some people dey always talk about DNA be that

Mazi: This life no just balance at all, make God just dey help us 

Egbon: Amen o, shey you don hear the thing wey PDP talk inside the new year message wey Bubu talk on Friday?

Mazi: I read am for inside News where dem talk say the message no get head, say e dey empty

Egbon: Gbam…. Naso dem talk am, the party con even add join say the message show say Bubu government no get direction

Mazi: So naa all the message empty, PDP no see anything wey get meaning for inside the message?

Egbon: Me I no know o, naa opposition dem be and naa wetin dem think dem talk like that

Mazi: Ok now, no wahala, make I con dey go jare

Egbon: Ok, we go see later

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