Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (173): Merry ChristMASK

Merry ChristMASK

Mazi: Welcome to my House Egbon, how the Christmas celebration be for your side?

Egbon: Laugh… we thank God my brother, but why you no commot your face mask, shebi naa inside house you dey

Mazi: E be like say you don forget say naa operation show your mask dey for my side, i no dey joke with my face mask o

Egbon: But, as we dey inside house now, you suppose commot am make correct air enter your mouth now

Mazi: I complain give you say air no dey enter my mouth, you no notice say i no even siddon near you

Egbon: I notice am too, sake of this COVID-19 abi, maybe i should kuku greet you merry Chrismask self, as e be say you and face mask naa 5 and 6 these days

Mazi: Naa merry Christmask true true, prevention better pass sorry, naa wetin i go give you now o….., Ebuka, Ebuka, help me carry that wine wey dey inside freezer come

Merry ChristMASK

Egbon: Very good, wine dey ok, how about Mama Ebuka too

Mazi: She dey inside kitchen o, naa sake of say we gather dey self, i no dey allow make any stranger come and my family too no dey go anywhere

Egbon: I kuku understand your point, even my wife no wan make i commot until i tell her say naa your House i dey come

Merry Christmask
Merry Christmask

Mazi: Naa inside paper i read am say Bubu say him don cancel the Christmas greeting wey different religious leaders plus many other people dey greet am for Aso Rock

Egbon: That one naa better something o, naa like that leader dey lead by Example, if you say make people no do something, you self no suppose do am

Mazi: Gbam, you talk am well, i con later hear say Sanwo-Olu don recover from COVID-19

Lagos Curfew

Egbon: I don read am too and i dey very happy for am, but one thing wey i never still understand naa this recovery recovery something o

Mazi: You no wan make him recover?

Egbon: No be that one i dey talk, the thing wey i mean naa say which drug dem dey take wey dey make dem recover now wey vaccine never dey

Mazi: Me self no understand that one o, i sha know say him don recover and him con talk say dem no go allow Cross-over service for the state, say Curfew still dey

Egbon: So, COVID-19 no dey waka for afternoon, naa night him dey waka abi which kind curfew be that one

Mazi: Naa as i hear am i talk am

Egbon: Is ok o, abeg, put the television for Arise TV make we see wetin dey inside News

Mazi: You no like this TVC wey e dey like this

Egbon: I no talk say i no like TVC, i say put am for Arise Tv, you no see wetin those people do when that EndSARS matter dey ground that time

Mazi: Naa why you wan watch dem News be that, carry the remote change am yourself

Egbon: No wahala, i go change am, even i go soon dey go o, time don dey run

Banditry In The North

Mazi: Before you go, you don hear the thing wey Bandit do for Kaduna plus Katsina State?

Egbon: I never read the tory o, wetin happen again

Mazi: For that Kaduna own, dem say Bandits kill like 7 traders for the state con later burn one big truck wey carry bags of maize inside

Egbon: Chai, nawa o, naa when all these bad bad something go stop for this country like this ehn

Mazi: The Katsina own, dem talk say the Bandits go kill one Village head plus him son, and dem con Kidnap him wife join

Egbon: Oluwa o, you see why i dey always talk say Bubu government no suppose dey talk say dem do try ontop security matter like this

Mazi: The matter tie rapper true true o

Egbon: Mazi, make i con dey go, today naa Christmas, naa better tory i wan dey hear no be all these one wey no sweet for ears

Mazi: Is ok now, we go see later

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