Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (171): Operation Show Your Face Mask

Operation Show Your Face Mask

Egbon: As the matter be like this, anybody wey no wear him face mask no get better mind, sake of say nah this kind people dey do anyhow, con make the Coronavirus cases dey go up again

Mazi: Naa now you sabi that one, e don tey wey me I don dey talk am say, if government dey try say make this virus no dey spread again, some people no dey do their part and no be better something

Egbon: Abi now, shey you don hear for inside News say federal government don announce say make clubs, bar plus restaurants no open again?

Mazi: I Kukuma hear am for inside News and that decision nah better something, I no just understand how some people go dey do things anyhow for this country

Egbon: As for me ehn, I no go blame the country people alone, the government too get their own blame, make we no put all the blame ontop Citizen haeda alone

Operation Show Your Face Mask

Mazi: Naa which one be government blame inside this matter now?

Egbon: Naa better question you ask, make I carry better answer give you

Mazi: I dey hear your own

Egbon: You see that time when dem dey do election for Ondo plus Ekiti State, you no see as Politicians dey gather plenty people up and down, dey do like say COVID-19 no dey again

Mazi: No be lie but the people wey dem dey gather suppose use dem Number 6 reason the matter say nah the person wey Pai him own finish

Egbon: Make we talk matter as e suppose be, nah government suppose lead by Example but sake of dem selfish interest dem no go do wetting dem suppose do

Mazi: You get point, but my own nah say, no be everything dem suppose dey use mouth talk give people wey value dem life, as for me plus my family, nah Operation show your face mask we dey do o

Egbon: That one make sense now, you see as me self wear my face mask, sake of say nah one way to make sure say the virus no spread again

FG Extends NIN Registration By 3 Weeks

Mazi: I even hear say one Monarch, Olu of Warri Pai and according to the tory, e be like say nah Corona kill am

Egbon: Kai, plenty people don Pai sake of this virus o, we no even know when federal government go collect the Vaccine wey dem fit use cure the thing

Mazi: Dem talk say nah next year January dem go collect am…. Come check this News, dem say Federal government don shift the deadline for NIN registration

Egbon: Nah better move o, but the shifting no long reach, I hear say nah 3 weeks, which mean say e go end by January

Mazi: Naa everything dey get But for your side, as government do this wan now, we no suppose commend dem

Egbon: I hold your mouth say make you no commend dem, abi nah Must say I must to commend wetting you commend

Mazi: If you see something wey government do wey make sense, talk am, no dey put But inside the matter

Egbon: Naa my opinion no be your own, you Sabi how many million of Naija people wey never do the thing?

Mazi: But nah why government extend the deadline be that, why you con still dey complain now

Egbon: Dem suppose give people like 6 months Grace, make people no go dey take Rush Rush dey go do gum body for the Registration Centres

Mazi: As the thing still be like this, government still try, no be everything we must to dey complain ontop

Egbon: I hear you, my own nah say make people no go dey Rush, do gum body, con dey spread Coronavirus again, even if dem wan do am well, dem suppose allow make people register ontop internet

Mazi: That idea self no bad now, but as e be like this, make we still dey manage the wan wey dey ground

Senate Passes 2021 Budget

Egbon: I even hear say the National Assembly don pass the 2021 budget

Mazi: Naso me self hear o, and the thing dey fast o

Egbon: If I talk now you fit say I dey Complain again, make I kukuma keep quit

Mazi: Naa you get your mouth now, talk if you wan talk

Egbon: Ok o, my own be say, no be to pass Budget fast fast be the main thing, but to make sure say the thing get better impact for Naija people life

Mazi: Ehn ehn, now wey you talk am, shey I fight you, nah your opinion you talk and no be bad something

Egbon: Abi now, because nah big big money plus Grammar we go dey hear now, later, we no go see anything

Mazi: Make we hope say this one go dey different, make I con dey go, but no forget say nah Operation show your face mask o

Egbon: For me no be only show your face mask o, nah show your mask plus your Hand sanitizer, take care 

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