Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (151): The Only Thing Wey Dey Give Nigerians Joy

Egbon: Mazi, i fit tell you categorically say naa only one thing dey make Naija people proud say dem be citizens of this country as things dey like this o

Mazi: Abeg i get interest, i wan know that thing wey dey give Naija people joy, wetin be the thing

Egbon: Orin ni o, naa our Musicians dey give Naija people joy, talent too plenty for that music industry for this country and na so so better jam dem dey give us

Mazi: Laugh…., i even dey think say naa Money matter you wan talk o

Egbon: Why i go talk about money matter, where the money dey, you no see as many Musicians dey get nomination for the song wey dem dey sing, Grammy Awards o, MOBO award o plus many others

Mazi: But, wait make i ask you o, how the awards take reduce the amount wey them dey sale Rice for market, how e take reduce petrol money, Egbon, you no get point

Egbon: I know say you no go gree sake of say i no talk say government wan share money abi say dem wan reduce tax, naa that one go give you joy

Pidgin News

Mazi: Naa now you dey talk, if naa money matter, Gbam… i go know say anyhow anyhow, people go fit get money wey dem go fit buy goods and me self go make more money

Egbon: So, as that one no con dey now, make we no talk the one wey dey give people joy, see all these better better singers, BurnaBoy, Wizkid, Davido, Olamide, Adekunle Gold, Yemi Alade,Omah Lay plus plenty others dem dey make the country popular

Mazi: If naa like that yiu see am, naa your opinion be that, but i hear say government don dey give business people Survival fund wey go fit help dem boost dem business

Egbon: Dem don give you, abi you sabi anybody wey don get the money?

Mazi: Dem never give me o and i no sabi anybody wey don get am, naa inside news i dey read am

Egbon: My brother naa audio money e be except i see alert ontop my phone, i no fit believ am

Buhari Commissions Modular Refinery In Imo

Mazi: But i believe say naa turn by turn, the money go circulate and i even read am for inside news say Bubu don commission the refinery wey go dey supply 5,000 drum of petrol everyday for Imo

Egbon: I still dey ask you same question, how that one go take affect ordinary man wey no know how him wan chop three food everyday?

Mazi: But you too like to dey complain o…. no be you plus some other people dey complain say petrol too cost o, if dem finish that refienery now and the thing dey work, you no know say petrol go dey plenty

Egbon: Yinmu, which petrol go dey plenty, so, naa one refinery go make petrol boku for Naija?

Mazi: But that one go help small now, we suppose to dey try and commend government if you see say dem do better something

Speaker, Gbajabiamila Asked To Pay 500 Million Naira

Egbon: No worry, no be you go tell me, when i see something wey worth make i salute the government ontop, i go do am, but for now o, naa only music industry for naija dey rep well

Mazi: Tor, no wahala, naa you get you opinion, i even read am for news say family of that Newspaper seller wey Gbajabiamila security person kill don ask for money o

Egbon: Ehn ehn, i never see the news o, how much dem dey ask for now and why dem wan collect the money

Mazi: Dem say naa 500 million naira dem wan make the Speaker pay, dem con add say the money naa for compensation for the family

Egbon: But the Speaker don promise say him go help the family now, why dem still dey ask for 500 million…. ( cut in..

Mazi: I dey part of the family member, abi i dey where dem do their family meeting

Egbon: Naa when i talk say you dey part of the family, shebi i just dey talk my own

Mazi: You no just talk, naa question you ask

Egbon: Ehn, answer if you get the answer now and if you no get, you suppose talk say you no know

Mazi: Nna ehn, i don give you answer, make i con dey go, i get one appointment with one of the people wey dey supply me goods

Egbon: Pele o, Minister of appointment, make me self con dey move

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