Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (144): Yellow Fever In Town, Beware !!!

Mazi: This period wey we dey like this, person suppose dey very very very careful o

Egbon: Before nko, with the many bad bad something wey Our government dey do us like this, person suppose dey extra careful true true 

Mazi: No be government matter i even wan talk, naa the thing wey concern Health matter dey give me concern these days 

Egbon: Ohhh, naa that wan, i be dey think say naa wetin Bubu government dey do you bin wan talk before

Mazi: No be that one, naa this Yellow fever something wey i dey read about up and down, the thing don land for many states like this o

Egbon: Hmmm, no be say e land alone for the states o, the thing dey even kill some people for some of the states where e don land

Mazi: This matter full mouth like this o, we still dey try battle Coronavirus, malaria plus some other disease, naa em this Yellow fever con show face again, but, wait o, wetin dey cause the fever self?

Egbon: According to wetin i read ontop social media, people wey be say dem sabi Health matter well well talk say naa one mosquito like that dey cause am

Mazi: How person go fit sabi the mosquito make we fit dey kill am sharp sharp before him go bite us

Egbon: Laugh, no be by that one person fit keep himself o, abi shey we go dey look for name of any mosquito wey dey fly around us ni

Mazi: Me self no know how we fit keep ourselves, naa him make me talk that one

Egbon: People wey sabi Health matter well well talk say naa to make sure say we keep our environment clean, make Bush no dey near where we dey stay, naa by that one we fit stay safe

COVID-19 Vaccine 

Mazi: Tor, that one no too difficult to do, make we dey try live better life, clear bush, stay inside mosquito net, if naa that one, no shaking, i go make sure say me and my family dey follow do everything

Egbon: E better like that o, Oju lalakan fi n sori o, person no suppose looseguard, i even hear say dem go dey supply the COVID-19 vaccines very soon

Mazi: That one naa better news o, at least the number of people wey dey die ontop the virus matter go reduce, but naa where you hear that news self?

Egbon: Naa WHO oga dem talk am, him talk say if the thing don ready, naa old people and Health workers dem go first give the vaccines

Mazi: Wetin go con happen to those of us wey no be Health worker and wey be say we never too old like that

Egbon: Naa everybody go fit use am, dem just dey try talk say naa those people dey face too much risk for the virus hand

Mazi: Ok, that mean say, before the thing go reach our side, make we still dey use our face mask plus sanitizer be that o

Egbon: Naso the matter be o, make we no dey gum body or dey shake hand up and down

ASUU Still On Strike

Mazi: But wait o, naa wetin be the latest ontop this ASUU matter, dem no want make students go school again?

Egbon: The matter tire me like this o, naa meeting ontop meeting we dey read for news everyday, i no just no why everything just be like this for Naija

Mazi: Naa where dem con dey put all the money wey dem dey borrow?

Egbon: Shebi naa me dey borrow the money, abi i look like Bubu wey dey collect loan up and down

Mazi: But why you dey talk like this, no be simple question i ask, which one be say shey naa you dey collect loan, person no fit ask you question again

Egbon: No be this country we gather dey, i no say make you no ask question, the thing be say, you suppose know the question wey you go dey ask

Mazi: No vex o, i no no say you never chop, because i no see wetin bad for the question wey i bin ask now

Egbon: Con give me food now, anyways, you see that ASUU matter, naa another confirmation say Naija government no dey show concern ontop wetin concern the masses

Mazi: And like this, dem go carry dem pikin keep for school wey dey outside the country o, naa masses go dey suffer the ASUU strike

Egbon: Before nko, shebi naa why dem dey pack our money be that, make dem fit dey chop the life wey ordinary naija people no fit chop

Mazi: Na wa o, i even hear say Fayose talk say naa two things him bin like to become

Egbon: You see now, after him don do governor two term o, him still wan do Senator be that o

Mazi: Him talk say him no even wan do Senator o, say naa pastor or President him wan do

Egbon: Tor, all the best for him o, i wan dey go jor, i never chop

Mazi: I talk am say you never chop, naa why you dey para be that, anyways, go chop, take care

Egbon: Naa you sabi, bye bye jare

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