Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (139): Between The CBN And EndSARS Protesters

Egbon: Hmm, sometimes, this Buhari government go dey make me wonder whether naa Democracy we still dey practice for this naija sha

Mazi: Wetin happen again now, naa every time government dey make you wonder, wetting dem do again

Egbon: You yourself know say I no fit keep quit anytime wey I see something wey no follow now, this time around dem no try at all

Mazi: At least, you go fit talk the thing wey dem do wey no follow

Egbon: You never hear say the Central Bank of Nigeria don go get court order wey go allow dem freeze the account of some of the people wey lead EndSARS protests

Mazi: Ehn ehn, nawa o, I bin dey think say this EndSARS protests don die down now, wetin concern CBN again now?

Egbon: Naa as the thing dey surprise you now, naso e dey surprise me when I first read the news o, many people don dey abuse Godwin Emefiele wey be CBN oga dem

Mazi: Wetin be him own now, naa him be the court?

Egbon: Which kind question you dey ask like this, no be him be the CBN oga ni, shey dem fit freeze the account make him no know

Mazi: This EndSARS matter don dey too long like this o, everyday nah different tory we dey hear ontop the matter, Maka why now

Egbon: You self check am now, the thing no make sense at all, wetin con be the meaning of the Democracy wey we bin dey practice for Naija and small talk, we go dey claim Giant of Africa

Mazi: E no suppose be true true, we no dey Military government now, but, make we dey watch how dem go do the thing

Egbon: Imagine, CBN no fit freeze accounts of the people wey dey sponsor Boko Haram o, dem no fit freeze the account of the corrupt politicians dem, naa ontop peaceful protesters dem dey flex muscle.

Sanwo-Olu Visits President Buhari

Mazi: I no say dem go commot leg for the account very soon, I even hear say Lagos state governor, Sanwo-Olu don go meet President Buhari for Aso Rock

Egbon: I never see the News o, wetin him go do there?

Mazi: According to the tory o, him go give Buhari the report ontop how Hoodlums destroy plenty property for the state 

Egbon: Naa so so report, panel and committee dem go dey set up and las las nothing go come out of the panel wey dem dey set up ( cut in…

Mazi: I don dey tell you say e better make we dey try give the government time, we no suppose to too dey criticize everything wey dem dey do

Egbon: But why we no go talk now, the Judicial panel wey dem set up for Lagos state, shey dem don announce the people wey kill protesters for Lekki Toll Gate?

Mazi: But I hear news say the panel don dey give people wey don suffer for police hand the chance to talk wetin dey their mind o and I believe say the panel naa something wey make sense

Egbon: I no talk say e no make sense, but you know say for Naija, small time now, another Drama go happen and dem no go talk about the panel again

Mazi: Make we dey hopeful say the panel go come up with better something

Egbon: I even read one news wey talk say Rivers state governor, Wike donates 200 million naira give the family of 10 security people wey die for the state

Mazi: That one make sense o, at least the money go help their family small

Egbon: E make sense, but wetin go con happen to the family of the people wey SARS officers kill dem people, abi make we no talk about that one

Mazi: I believe say government go do something after dem don finish the investigation wey dem dey do

The Man That Trekked For President Buhari In 2015

Egbon: Hmmmm, Mazi, con check this News o, one of the people wey Trekk that time wey President Buhari bin win election for 2015 ( cut in..

Mazi: Him don die?

Egbon: Ah ah, your blood too dey hot, you no go allow make I talk wetin happen, before you conclude

Mazi: But naa question I bin dey ask now, no be say I conclude

Egbon: No be so person dey ask question, but anyways, him never die o, but him bin don get one sickness for body like this o and him even dey beg for help

Mazi: Ehn ehn, nawa o, I pity the man o but nah which kind sickness him get like this

Egbon: Naa him leg the sickness dey o, according to the tory naa from Gombe him Trek come Abuja that 2015 o and now the trek don cause serious problem for him health

Mazi: But I bin dey think say Buhari go give the man something that year o, abi him don spend all the money wey dem give am

Egbon: Naso me self think o but him talk say nah APC certificate dem give am that time and now him need money wey him go use attend to him health

Mazi: Na wa o, make government help him o and make him own case serve as lesson to other people like him because I no know the meaning of the Trekking wey some of dem dey trek up and down

Egbon: I hope say him go get help as him news don come out like this, even the Senate don talk say make dem arrange the Clinic wey dey Presidential Villa well make Bubu no dey travel out anyhow again

Mazi: That one better now, make him siddon for House and focus on the things wey go make the country better, Egbon, I wan dey go, we go talk later

Egbon: No wahala now, take care of yourself o

Mazi: You know say you never con buy your hand sanitizer, you dey wait for the second Coronavirus to come before you buy am?

Egbon: I go con buy am

Mazi: Ok ooo

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