Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News ( 131): Who Is Anonymous?

Egbon: I just dey hear different things wey this anonymous dey do, but i no even know who dem be self, naa shey dem be part of EndSARS protesters too ni abi bawo

Mazi: Egbon, see ehn, if i tell you say i sabi wetin dey sup pass you, you no go gree, now naa ordinary Anonymous you no know 

Egbon: Person go ask you simple question, you go dey feel yourself, you fit count how many times wey me self don explain something give you for this Newspaper stand, abi which one be this one self, kuku confess say you no know who dem be

Mazi: Why i no go know who dem be, no be say i dey feel myself o, i just wan make you no say Oga naa master

Egbon: Pele o, Master key, naa simple question i ask you, naa story you dey give person, no even bother yourself again, i go check am ontop my phone, google don make everything easy

Mazi: No wahala yourself go google, me Mazi self naa google wey dey waka, see ehn Anonymous naa group of hackers dem be o, people wey dey touchlight different website anyhow dem like, dem fit touchlight government website as dem like

Egbon: Ehn ehn, i talk am ( cut in….

Mazi: Talk wetin, no be me dey tell you wetin you no know before, instead make you thank me, you dey shout you talk am, talk wetin ehn

Egbon: I talk am say naa hackers dem go be because i dey read news on my phone say dem don take over the Twitter account of the commission wey dey reason Broadcasting for naija, the National Broadcasting commission dem, but wait o, shey naa naija dem dey ni

Mazi: No be naija dem dey o, but for the place wey dem dey, no country wey dem no fit chuk mouth put for dem matter, dem talk say dem dey fight injustice

Egbon: Ehn ehn, but Mazi that group naa better group dem be o, ah ah, i even hear say dem hack CBN account, dem con still hack DSTV and Gotv join

Mazi: How dem take be better group o, wetin concern dem with wetin dey happen for naija, wetin concern DSTV concern EndSARS wey the group talk say dem dey support, if we see true, make we talk am, i no support wetin dem dey do

Egbon: Shebi naa you, how you go support dem, you no know say as dem dey hack these accounts now, e go make government do wetin dem suppose do on time

Mazi: I no agree with you but i no get time to dey argue with you, Egbon you no notice say these EndSARS people no even allow us remember Coronavirus again, shey coronavirus don finish for Nigeria 

Egbon: NCDC still dey announce the cases wey dem dey see o, dem talk say Coronavirus still dey but e be like say the cases no too be like before again

Mazi: But how dem take do am now, shey dem don get vaccine for the virus 

Egbon: Iru ibeere wo leleyi ke, shey naa me be NCDC oga ni, abi naa me be PTF Chairman, abi which one be my own wey you con dey ask me say shey dem don get vaccine

Mazi: No vex, i just dey wonder how the cases dey reduce when e be say the vaccine never dey

Egbon: Naa only dem dem no how the thing take happen o, my own naa just say make dem no con announce again say dem wan do lockdown

Mazi: But wait o, you no think say the cases go jump up again as these EndSARS protesters dey join body up and down, some of dem no dey even use face mask o, some no go even carry hand sanitizer

Egbon: I no know that one o, the thing wey matter now naa say make government no announce another lockdown, make dem hear wetin the protesters dey talk, make we fit go back to our normal life

Mazi: I even read am for news say some people dey talk say make IGP resign ontop this SARS matter, e don reach like that

Egbon: E don pass like that self, shey you no read about the different thing wey people dey talk say the SARS people dey do dem ni, i don see many video and news wey talk about how different people dey accuse SARS people say dem dey collect money from dem

Mazi: No forget say all these news naa still allegations o, dem never confirm am o, and e no go make sense make we dey beleive everything wey dem ontp social media o, sometimes, the news no dey correct o

Egbon: Ati pe o je oto o, ati pe o je iro o, which ction government don take to find out if naa true abi say naa lie

Mazi: I hear say Lagos, Delta and Oyo state governor dem don set up panel wey go touchlight the matter for dem states now, we suppose give dem time now

Egbon: You self hear wetin you dey talk for mouth, 3 out of how many state don set up panel, and shey naa first time wey government go talk say dem set up panel be this, naa panel set up we dey hear, we no dey hear wetin follow am

Mazi: This wan go bring better result

Egbon: I hera o, i even read am for news say Nigerian Army don talk say Crocodile Smile no go chuk moouth for EndSARS protest o, i no know whether naa true dem dey talk sha 

Mazi: Me self see the news now, wey talk say the Crocodile Smile naa every year dem dey do am, and this year own naa between October and December, i no say Army no dey put mouth for protest matter 

Egbon: Me self dey wonder when i hear some news wey dey point finger say dem wan use Army scatter EndSARS protes

Mazi: Naa why i talk say no be everything wey dey ontop social media person suppose dey beleive, some people go just dey carry rumour, dem no go confirm whether naa true abi naa lie

Egbon: My own be say make dem no sha allow the protest turn yam pepper scatter scatter because i don dey hear say some politicians dey use thugs attack the protesters

Mazi: E no go turn yam pepper scatter scatter, everything go dey ok

Egbon: Naa new Nigeria we want

Mazi: Una no want EndSARS again, abi you know know wetin you wan self

Egbon: Naa from EndSARS new Nigeria go start, just watch out wetin go happen

Mazi: Is ok o, me dey go my shop, we go talk later, take care

Egbon: Ok later

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