Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (130): Osinbajo Tenders Apology To Nigerians

Mazi: If this Osinbajo apology no satisfy the protesters, I no con know wetin dem want again o, cuz the Vice Presido don apologise to Nigerians and that wan suppose do una

Egbon: Which wan be say e suppose do una, shey naa today government don dey apologise, e be like say you no still understand wetin dey ground o

Mazi: Abeg con show me wetin dey ground wey i no see o, whether you dey see wetin i no see abi you dey hear wetin i no hear

Egbon: Dem say make dem end police brutality, police people still dey kill people, you no hear that one abi, you know how many innocent Nigerians wey dey for inside prison?

Mazi: See ehn, if person dey cry, him suppose to dey see front too, the IGP don issue order say make police no dey use force for protesters again, him con still talk say make dem release all protesters wey dem arrest

Egbon: Make i tell you wetin you no know, make you fit understand, true true, Osinabjo don apologise to Nigerians, but naa action people wan see, no be only talk talk all the time

Mazi: No be say i no understand you, but, you suppose know say the government go need time to do many things ontop this issue wey dey ground like this

Egbon: E better make dem do wetin dem suppose do on time, be for e go too late like this

Mazi: Wait first, shey naa true say the person wey own Twitter too dey support EndSARS protesters abi the news naa lie

Egbon: No be lie kankan, o true ju, when you no go dey ontop social media to know how everything dey go

Mazi: You don start like this o, naa simple question i ask you now o, you wan turn am to insult ( cut in…

Egbon: I no turn am to insult, i dey try tell you say if for say you dey on top social media you for don see how different people dey support the protesters

Mazi: Now wey i no dey ontop social media, maybe you go con carry me enter 

Egbon: See ehn, naa many many things i dey read on social media o, wey be say even before e commot for inside newspaper, i go don read am, you too try to dey on top Twitter

Mazi: I don hear you, but, as the owner of Twitter con dey support the protest like this, wetin be him own gain o, abi why him dey support the protest

Egbon: Him gain naa say make e dey record say him use him platform wey be Twitter to also shuck mouth for the matter wey be say everybody dey chop for mouth like chewing gum, because as e be like this, many people and organisation for obodo oyinbo go fit know wetin dey happen for Nigeria

Mazi: Is okay, my own be say, make this thing no sha turn yam pepper scattter scatter, because i no too trust oyinbo people like that

Egbon: No be only him be the oyinbo wey dey talk about the matter, naa plenty people don talk say wetin SARS people dey do no good, ohun tiko da, ko loruko meji

Mazi: Shey e con mean say, the oyinbo people go fit help us, abi wetin go happen now

Egbon: Yes now, if the matter don reach many people for different country, the thing go shame Bubu and him government people, dem go fit do normal, make other countries no go dey laugh us and even as he be like this, United Nations self don talk

Mazi: I no know where you dey get your own news thes days oo

Egbon: Naa ontop social media i dey get plenty news, you think say naa only paper i dey read

Mazi: Abegiii, wetin the United Nations con talk like this

Egbon: Dem talk say dem dey monitor how everything dey go for Nigeria o, as people dey do we no go gree up and down and as police dey kill innocent people

Mazi: Wetin dem go con do as dem dey monitor now abi naa to just monitor dem go fit do.

Egbon: As e be like this, dem fit call Bubu and him government to order, and him no go get option than to do normal o,you know the thing wey dey even surprise me about Bubu ehn

Mazi: Wetin dey surprise you o

Egbon: Imagine say Bubu no talk more than once since this protest start like this o, shey him no fit talk to him country people ni, abi kilo n sele gangan and if naa to say naa Mali now, him go dey talk up and down

Mazi: I even hear say, Nigerian Military talk say dem wan start operation Crocodile Smile, shey no be say dem wan scatter these protests like this, abi wetin you think say dem wan do

Egbon: I hear am too, but dem no talk say dem wan scatter protest, and if you reason am too, you go see say the protest naa peaceful one, no kasala

Mazi: Nna ehn, the thing don dey pass be careful for some states o, abi you no hear say thug attack Osun state governor, Oyetolo when EndSARS people dey do protest for the state

Egbon: I kuku hear am, i even read am for paper say, like two people die for the protest while some people con still injure join o, but that one no con mean say Military go scatter the protest now

Mazi: So make dem open eyes, make people dey cause Kasala dey go, shey naa wetin you mean be that

Egbon: No be wetin i talk be that abeg, shey people wey dey die naa animal, but as the thing be like this, the way police people dey do mean say dem never hear wetin the IGP talk say make dem no do again

Mazi: I sha dey pray make the thing no turn to another thing as e be like this

Egbon: E no go turn another thing, the best thing naa say make government too do wetin dem suppose do, imagine the salary wey lawmakers dey collect

Mazi: Naa one thing after another now, these one wey the protesters dey talk different thing like this, e no go make sense, make dem focus on wetin dem want, make dem no just mention plenty things

Egbon: Ewo lewo, which one dem don do out of the plenty things wey dem mention

Mazi: At least dem don cancel SARS now, me wan go my shop jare, i pray say make these protesters no go block the road to my shop now o

Egbon: You better join them if you see dem for road o, because naa to make Naija better we dey call for, we go talk later jare.

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