Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin news (110): Shop The Container That Doesn’t Fall

Mazi, good morning… abeg which time you dey open shop?

I like how you do Egbon, straight to the business. I dey open shop by eight o’clock sharp; na my boy dey open my shop for morning before I come. Wetin you wan buy? Praise god, Egbon wan buy something for my shop today

A few things, my pikin go bring the list come.

Okay no problem, Egbon! Egbon!… the only international Egbon!

How you no go hail me, because I dey patronize your shop today… no be the first time wey I dey patronize you be this now.

No be the first time wey you dey patronize me but na the first time wey you dey bring list be this; which mean say you dey come buy my entire shop.

Ha ha… abeg no make me laugh too much; just make sure say you go give me better price as my pikin dey come your shop today

Ahn ahn, I don fail you before? In short because of you, I go enter shop early today… so that I go attend to your pikin by my very self.

Indeed, anyway… you know say the Nigerian bar association don continue their drama.

Wetin happen again?

The Muslim lawyers don start wahala o because of El rufai; now dem don talk say if dem no dey invite El rufai make dem no invite Obasanjo and Wike

Mtshw, if na like that, make dem just cancel their event now; make nobody attend and that way everybody go rest.

Na the exact thing wey I tell my wife be this. This na my problem for this country; any small thing, e don turn to religion problem… dem talk say dem no want El rufai because en no wan do en work for kaduna, no be because e be muslim.

Na so e be and if e no be muslim… the muslim lawyers no go come talk wetin dem dey talk now. When I think of things like this, I dey wonder whether complete peace go ever dey this country.

Peace go come, one way or the other

How… na everyday person dey hear of one problem or the other.

Peace go come, I believe… there was a time wey peace dey this country now. If we fit get peace once, we go get am again.

Hmmm, okay o. if you say so but me, I no see am. This wan wey container dey fall and kill people for lagos so… Sanwo olu dey see that news at all?

E go see am now, but wetin e go do? Make e tell trailers not to carry container again?

Yes… na exactly the thing wey e suppose tell them be that. Container and goods better pass human life?

No be say e better pass human life but if e talk that wan now, e go be like say e wan end people business.

Exactly, make e end am until dem fit find way to carry their container without killing people.

Yes it’s true…

Ahn ahn now, na almost every month I dey hear say container fall on top person head… it’s too much now

It’s too much and if only dem fit make another road give all the trailers e go better

Either that or make the trailers dey move at the time wey people no go dey road; so that if e fall, e no go fall on top person.

Hopefully Sanwo olu go do something.

E no go do anything… no be Nigeria, e no go do anything until container fall on top person wey e know; you suppose know your country people.

I know o but me I just dey hope for the best.

Okay, e good to hope. Alright o later now.


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