Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (108): Pondei Speaks About His Acting

Mazi, how many years you go use take answer your phone?

Egbon, the phone no ring more than two times o, wetin happen? You never chop this morning? Because I no say na wen you never chop na em your patience dey run commot. No come faint like pondei o

I never chop o. the kind hunger wey wan kill me now enh… but food go soon come. You don hear the thing wey your guy talk?

Who be my guy?

Pondei now

Oh… wetin pondei talk?

Pondei talk say en no dey pretend say all the people wey think say e dey pretend no get sense.

Na em no get sense. Mtshww… you no see the yeye acting wey e do? E be like say e even plan with the man wey wan tear en mouth… dem for even tear that en yeye mouth for me.

My own be say pondei still dey talk of something wey don happen and we don forget, instead of him to transfer money to the international students dey abroad on the NDDC scholarship.

My brother, how you take know say dem never send dem money?

The news dey everywhere now. That’s why this pondei news dey even pain me sef… yeye people, e think say we no know that style? Everybody wey dem don suspect of something for inside Nigerian government don sick or faint before

Leave am… e dey talk nonsense, instead of him to do en work

Leave am… no be Niger delta… this pondei enh… dem go sack am very soon, en time dey come.

You hear say Bubu and Goodluck Jonathan meet behind closed doors?

I hear o. wetin dem discuss?

See me see trouble. How I go take know? Abi you no hear say the meeting na for closed doors.

Sometimes wen dem talk say something dey behind closed doors people go still know.

Hmmm that wan no be for closed doors again, dem open the door after dem close am.

This kano singer wey dem wan kill, wetin be the new news about am?

E be like say I hear say Sharia court tell kano government to kill am

I no understand, no be the person wey give the sentence go kill am?

Even me sef dey confused… e be like say dem fit give the sentence but na government go kill am

But I think say e still get time to appeal for court

You dey ask me question as if I be the boy papa… I no say e get time to appeal but the thing be say dem fit no allow am appeal the sentence.

Dem no fit do am now, na en right

Mtshw… nigeria no get freedom of speech? No be inside the freedom of speech wey e sing song and na because of the song dem wan kill am?

Na true sef. But this wan na for only north e dey work o. na for north dem dey violate their rights because for other parts of this country, even criminals get rights.

No be say dem no get right but dem no fit execute some of their rights because of their beliefs… you get?

I no get but okay. Abeg make I go chop

Okay o. no chop the whole kitchen o

Na your kitchen?

Ok… bye.

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