Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (107): Kano Singer Receives Death Sentence

Mazi, this life no balance o

Egbon, wetin happen again? Wetin happen… government don thief another money

No be everyday dem dey thief. So you wan tell me say you never hear of the Kano singer wey dem sentence to death by hanging?

Na em be the first person wey dem don sentence to death? For dem to sentence the Kano singer to death, e for don kill person now.

Kee wetin? E no kill anything or anybody

If e no kill person, den wetin e do wey dem give am that kind sentence?

E sing song o and inside the song, dem talk say e blaspheme inside the song

Abeg explain further because this thing wey you talk now enh, I no understand; Kano singer sing song… dem talk say e blaspheme and sentence am to death. Abeg which kind blaspheme person go blaspheme wey go deserve death sentence?

My brother, if you ask me who I go ask? Dem talk say e talk bad bad things about prophet mohammed.

Na wa o. na so e be for islam?

Na so sharia court be o.

Sharia still dey this country?

Yes now. Where there is islam, there is sharia

Who go save the boy now? Nobody for government dey talk anything to save am?

The Kano singer get thirty days to appeal en sentence but asides that all the muslim people dey support the sentence o. even Christian association of Nigeria don talk say their hand no dey; dem talk say blasphemy na great crime and dem no fit chuke mouth inside matter wey no concine dem. Even all the muslim lawyers talk say dem support the death sentence.

So na so the Kano singer go just die like that?

If e no appeal en matter for court, na so e go die. Who even send am to sing that kind music when e know the kind religion wey e dey?

Sometimes enh, when death dey call person, the person go dey do things like say e don mad.

Mtshw, you don talk another thing o. make e appeal, hopefully dem go change am.

While dem wan kill kano singer, you hear the thing wey kano governor dey talk? e talk say he is serious about the fight against corruption.

Ha ha, abeg make I no too laugh. Him wey dey fight against corruption, no be him be corruption himself.

Exactly, if e dey fight against corruption that means say e dey fight against himself.

Serious fight against himself. you know dey thing wey dey pain me about all these politicians? Dem think say we no get sense.

I swear. Because as dem dey talk… dem no know say their actions na em dey speak louder than their words.

One day na one day. The day go come wey this country go repair enself and all this yeye politicians go disappear.

That wan na end time be that.

I mean am. One day one day, this country go repair enself

Since you be prophet, you go know

I no be prophet beht I know

Okay o. nosa… welldone.

Mtshw. Person dey talk something serious and you dey talk your own.

Sorry o

Sorry for yourself.

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