Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (106): Prayer Is A Transformer

Mazi, good morning o

Egbon, good morning… una get light? We no get light now for the past three days because our transformer get problem

We get light o. wetin do una transformer?

The transformer blow and we still dey wait for NEPA to bring another wan

Na wa o. why everybody just dey get transformer issues, you hear of the some people for lagos wey go pray for their transformer?

I hear o. the people wey dey live for ikota gather their transformer to pray for the transformer

Na so the thing bad reach?

The thing be say their first transformer spoil and NEPA bring four new transformer for them and all four of them spoil; so yes… e reach to pray.

Yes o, that wan reach to pray now; because any new transformer wey dem bring for them now go be last warning… if e spoil, na so dem go be for like another month before dem get another wan

I dey tell you. Make dem pray say god go hear that their prayer

You know the thing wey dey spoil am?

How I go take know, I dey ikota with dem? Even people wey dey ikota no know, na em make dem dey pray.

Okay o. Wike talk say APC led government don fail Nigerians

Mtshww. All the government wey don led us so far don fail us… make e no talk as if PDP no fail us… PDP also fail us well

But at least people dey see more money during PDP time

So because you dey see more money…

I no talk say I me I see more money, na other people talk say dem see more money

Okay because people see more money for PDP administration, na em mean say their administration fail us? E no mean. Common good roads we no get.

Common good roads, even constant nepa light na still big challenge for them wen other countries don do am for their own side

For you minister of power to talk say if we get constant nepa light, who go come buy all the generator wey dem dey sell; you suppose know say something dey wrong somewhere

Something don dey wrong somewhere since nineteen ogogoro, so the wan wey wike dey talk na because e wan talk.

Ehen, I be wan ask you sef. Who be that Mailafia wey dey talk about boko haram?

E be former deputy governor for CBN. E be like say e no like himself

Honestly, because the kind nonsense wey e just dey talk now enh, one of these northern governors go soon put gun for en mouth.

E don change en mouth now, say no be em talk say northern governors dey involved with boko haram; e talk say na traders tell am say e get wan northern governor wey be commander for boko haram

We all know say some people for government dey involved for boko haram but if you no get proof and power to arrest those people; e better to keep shut

Yes o, especially if you like your life.

Me I even believe say some people just like to dey talk so that newspaper go carry their news.

And wen dem arrest dem now, dem go start to dey cry.

You know. Anyway, make I go chop

Wetin you dey chop

Na akara and pap o


If akara and pap be enjoyment den dash me all dey money wey dey your account now and I go give you my akara

Na wa o. person no fit play with you again? Abeg abeg… bye bye

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