Anchor Podcast App: Double Your Hustle by Making Cool Cash Online

Understanding the Anchor Podcast App is not a hard process at all, as this could help boost your daily income and serve as an extra money-making hustle to augment your main job.

While there are already enough materials online to support this written piece, there are other areas that would apply to the Nigerian audience and expose to you the secrets behind making cool cash by consistently pushing content on your podcast channel.

How can you achieve this task, simple, start by downloading the Anchor Podcast App either as an Android or iPhone user? The App is available for both phones and is not hard to access on Google Play Store or App Store.

Before delving fully into what the App does or how you can make money from it, let’s get a clear understanding of what it is all about.

You might be aware that the Application was introduced to the market space by Sportify and is solely used to air live or pre-record a Podcast – (a digital audio file uploaded to the internet, either a website, blog or an available medium that supports the process, then made available to subscribers/listeners for download or a live stream.

This audio file can be downloaded to a computer or mobile phone, whichever is preferable, and it appears in series forms, as well as updated instalments to your listening audience.

Downloading The Anchor Podcast App
Anchor Podcast App: Double Your Hustle by Making Cool Cash Online

Downloading the Anchor Podcast App

Now, to the juicy part that you’ve been waiting for, after downloading the App and going through some of the functions, all you need to do next is to start creating podcasts.

Make sure you are subscribed and have enough data to run your casting online, so app users surfing various host networks join and listen to you.

The next step after concluding your podcasting is to share the content to various platforms, especially your favourite ones.

Next on the agenda is for you to maximise your audience, and grow the list of followers, subscribers and people that listen to your online show in Nigeria.

And since nothing comes easy, if you’ve succeeded in boosting your audience, measure the level of success first before moving to monetise your series, and episodes, so you can start making real money.

Where the Oil Money Lies in Anchor Podcast App

Where The Oil Money Lies In Anchor Podcast App

A major source of real cash in this hustle is when you start receiving adverts from brands, and companies that are aware of your reach to an audience.

In the process, endorsement deals could also drop on your desk, and these big firms or up-and-coming ones could make you their brand ambassador.

Citing the precise explanation from the App Developers, Podcasters have been briefed on how to ‘earn money every time people listen—no matter your audience size—with Ads by Anchor. Record custom ads in your voice and choose when they occur in your episodes. You can also easily collect monthly donations from your fans right from your Anchor profile.’

The beauty about the whole concept is that the host platform where you keep recorded episodes, and series does not come with any hidden charges and you can record and save as many podcasts as possible without limitations, or fees, and gives you a platform to promote your business.

Record audio from anywhere, on any device. Visualise, edit, and arrange your audio segments using Anchor’s intuitive episode builder. Add background tracks, transitions, and sound effects from our built-in audio library. Record remotely with up to 4 guests or co-hosts, wherever they are in the world.

To further make your show attractive, there are features on the App that allow you to design any concept of your liking and another feature that enables you to get voice messages from your listeners to join your recorded series to achieve more believability.

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Anchor Podcast App: Double Your Hustle by Making Cool Cash Online
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