I’m Asari (Episode 21): No Drama, Feel Good

The past few days have been bright days; everything has been flowing the way it is supposed to and I, on the other hand have been feeling good. Good and hopeful… hopeful about life, about the fact that better days are coming. I have gotten over the pain of rejection and quickly arrived at the last stage of heartbreak… Acceptance.

Accepting the fact that people are allowed to want what they want and if that thing isn’t you, it is equally fine; there are people who wanted me in the past and I rejected them, imagine if I didn’t have the freedom to reject the people I didn’t want in my life. All I am saying is that I wish Abdul well; I wish him every good thing that he wants for himself and I will never let my ego affect me this much ever in my life again.

It is indeed a blessing and a curse to be an attractive woman in this town because I have always gotten every guy that I ever wanted; nobody has ever rejected me and now I know to reject people with caution. My gaad! I just realized all the hearts I have broken in the past because of the not so good way I told some people off. It’s alright, we live and we learn.

After coming to all these realizations, I decided to take a break; a break from men. Looking back at the entire year especially the past few months; it has been filled with drama. Drama with Max, Tobe and Abdul; I even told Bolanle to leave me alone. I just needed a break and I was determined to get it.

My main focus became work and when I say work I don’t mean my bank job. I mean the media career I have always wanted and luckily for me there were a lot of events coming up that needed a host; so it was audition time. It was the best time since I still had two weeks left on my sick leave so this was the perfect way to utilize it.

On this special day, after practicing in the mirror for hours; I really wanted the job and I didn’t even care about the pay; all I wanted was a hosting job something to get me out there. Something to put on my resume, the audition was by 4:00 p.m. and after the audition, I had to attend a small pool party Lota’s company organized for its clients.

“If you don’t come I’ll kill you” she threatened me, Lota and her empty threats; anyway threat or no threat I already wanted to go.

My audition was very good but I didn’t raise my hopes just so that I would not be as disappointed as I was when I lost the first job. After my audition, I went home to get dressed and guess who I saw waiting for me at my doorstep… Tobe.

“Long time” he said with a smile on his face, he came for a hug but I gave him a handshake instead “what do you want?” I was not in the mood for whatever he came with.

He said that he wanted to talk to me and see how I was doing but I really didn’t give him the light of day “I have to be somewhere in thirty minutes” I retorted walking away. He watched me enter my house and stood there for like five more minutes before leaving; I guess he expected me to come back out. It felt good sticking to my no drama, no men decision. It made me more confident in myself in a way.

Anyway, he called me a couple of times but I didn’t answer; who knows what he wants and who even gives a fuck. I mean, what did he expect? That I will welcome him with open arms after what he did? He must be raving mad. Some men just love to play with your emotions and when you stay away and stand your ground; they start feeling guilty or start feeling insecure because you easily kicked them to the curb.

I got dressed and luckily for me my Uber arrived on time. The party was already bubbling when I got there; the music was good, the booze was good and the food was very good. I even met a couple of very interesting people; I met an Olympic athlete. Have you ever met an Olympic athlete? Well, I have and she had a lot of cool stories about the Olympic camps and what many of them do to unwind, even the pranks they pulled on each other. She told me about a prank she pulled on a colleague that went wrong and almost got her into trouble

The party was very fine until I heard my name from a familiar voice… guess who! Max. I know, you can help me laugh because I just didn’t understand. Lota swore to me that she had no idea he was coming “he is definitely a guest’s plus one” and she was right, he infact came with a friend who was invited.

I won’t lie, seeing that handsome face again made me feel some type of way but I resisted him and made sure our conversation lasted nothing more than a minute.

At the end of the conversation I began to back away then he held my arm “I miss you Asari… I think about you a lot” he said, his voice very serious but those words were coming at the wrong time. I have a principle that I follow and it goes “never let a man dump you twice”, if he could abandon me like that at the restaurant because of a misunderstanding then he can do it again and I was never ever going to give him the chance to do it again.

When the party was over Lota with her immaculate heart dropped me at home; I was so tired that all I wanted to do was go straight to bed, I wasn’t even going to shower to be honest. As I walked to my front door, a car parked in front of me and without looking twice I knew that it was Abdul

“What is it about today?” I thought. I wanted to go inside but there was no need to run. He asked for us to talk in his car and I obliged.

It was really awkward at first because of the way we last left things but gradually we eased into a conversation. Just for him to say the following words

“Asari, I think I am in love with you too” words I would have killed to hear a few weeks ago

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