I’m Asari (Episode 10): A Kiss Changes Everything

Tobe was pissed. I tried to explain to him but he was not having any part of my explanation. The truth is the truth, Abdul kissed me without my permission and it was not my fault but I guess his ego didn’t let him understand it. I have never seen Tobe that upset before; at least he didn’t leave me there. He grievously dropped me at home and barely waited for me to get out of the car before driving off. Wow, a kiss changed everything.

It was a Friday so I did not have work the next day. I laid in my bed thinking about Abdul and that unexpected scintillating kiss. “Why in the world did he kiss me?” I thought but I did not get an answer. I mean I couldn’t just forget the kiss and go to bed, his soft lips and the way he pulled me close to him with his strong arms. So I decided to call him.

“Hello” his voice sounded sleepy but very sexy at the same time or was it the kiss that had hypnotized me? I couldn’t tell.

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“Are you happy?” I pretended to be upset but honestly, I was happy to be talking to him after all this time.

“Yes, I am. I am happy that you called me”, my heart melted when I heard him say those words and I forgot that I called him to scold him for ruining my date with Tobe.

We talked like no time had passed between us and I never ditched him at a restaurant. At exactly midnight, he asked me about my plans for the weekend and I quickly explained to him how free I was thinking that he would ask us to meet for drinks but he didn’t. He also told me how free he was that weekend and ended the phone call because he was feeling really sleepy.

“Why didn’t he ask us to hang out this weekend?” another thought that kept me awake. I believed that he had forgiven me for the restaurant incident, so what was the issue? Didn’t he want to hang with me? Why did he kiss me if he didn’t want anything to do with me?  These thoughts kept me awake and I decided to call him again. I couldn’t sleep until I got the answers to these questions.

His voice was really groggy which meant that he was already asleep but I ignored it.

“I am so sorry for waking you but I just needed to ask you something before going to bed” my plan was to go straight to the point. “Would you like us to do something on Saturday? Maybe a picnic or something” the silence that followed my question was nerve wrenching “Asari” he said gently. The moment he called my name in that manner I knew that he was going to say no and I was right.

“You are a nice girl and I would love to go out with you every day but I am not your type” his bluntness was shocking and refreshing at the same time “instead of forcing a relationship and putting myself through emotional torture, it’s best we stay friends” he concluded.

I couldn’t argue with him, he was right to say that he wasn’t my type but for him to figure it out so accurately made me … I don’t know… feel something more for him. So, we came to the agreement to stay with friends. Talk when we talk and see when we see. No muss no fuss.

I was a little sad. I got an answer even though it was not the one I wanted to hear, rejection in any form never feels good but I understood where he was coming from. I still couldn’t sleep so I stayed up thinking about all the men in my life. Tobe, I was sure it was completely over between Tobe and me then Max, I missed him but I wasn’t sure what was next for us because the stunt he pulled with that girl the other day was hard for me to forget.

“Maybe I need somebody new, someone with Max’s looks and the connection I shared with Abdul combined,” I thought, it was 2:00 am and I still was not sleeping because of the issue of man. Na wa for me sha.

That weekend was very quiet for me, I was home all weekend; Ashezi and Lota came over on Sunday but they didn’t stay long. It was good because I had the time to rejuvenate and plan the upcoming week properly. Monday came and I was one of the first people to resume work, I went very early so that I could get some time by myself before my boss arrived. But that was not going to happen because Just as I walked in I heard someone call my name. It was Max

I looked at him unable to say anything because I wasn’t sure if I was really seeing him or I was hallucinating. He walked closer to me and hugged me “I missed you” he said with a smirk on his face “is this what you came to tell me this early morning?” I asked and he shook his head

He apologized for his behavior, said that he was reacting to me rejecting him for a relationship and I explained to him that I wasn’t rejecting him. I just really needed to be sure that a relationship with him was what I wanted and with his actions, I was close to giving upon us.

“Why are you always looking for a reason to run away from something real?” He asked his eyes begging me not to reject him. It wasn’t the time to discuss any of that so I suggested we have drinks after work and really discuss everything and he agreed. He left not without giving me a kiss though; I didn’t know how much I missed him until he kissed me.

I chose Duo as our meeting place because I hadn’t been there in a while plus I missed their shrimp. Max was already there before I arrived; it was nice seeing him again after all that drama but the gods of drama were not done with me yet because Tobe walked in.

When I saw him, I thought that he was going to walk past us but he walked straight to our table; his eyes on Max. Max noticed Tobe looking at him as if he was going to kill him so he asked: “can I help you?” then Tobe was like “yes you can, you can tell me what you are doing with my girlfriend”.

All these happened within a few seconds, I didn’t see it coming at all and there was no way to stop it. All I wanted to do was bury myself in the ground.

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