Ẹ̀gbọ́n Jimọh & Mazi Okoroafor (Episode 5): Unknown Ministers, Own Goal, and a Chronic Letter Writer

Egbon, good morning o. How body? Family kwanu?

Mazi my friend, good morning. My people dey fine. How your own?

Ah, dem dey quiet o. Na only hunger dey disturb dem.

Hahaha. Quiet ke? My own family is making noise up and down like the politician’s convoy that I encountered just now.

Chineke, those ones! Hope say you and them no get wahala?

Emi ke? No o. Dey just block road for more than 30 minutes. Even when dem pass finish, police still block road like say we no get place to go or something to do.

Hmmm. Na Presidential convoy?

Mi o mo o. I don’t really know. But it seems like it. Because the way they blocked the road ehn?

That man sef. When is he going to appoint his ministers biko? It’s almost 50 days since his second term started.

Shebi he said he didn’t know most of his previous ministers? Maybe he is still looking for people he does not know.

Hahaha. This one is serious oh. Ministers we do not know. Maybe that is the cabal we have always been hearing about. The cabal appointed dead people, the cabal also appointed unknown people. Chineke nna!

Maybe we should set up a committee to investigate that. Just the way the senate is investigating what is already obvious.

Do you mean Senator Elisha Abbo, the rascal senator? He told his fellow senators that they can not do anything to him and refused to answer their questions. Inukwa?

Talking about supporting your own, is that not how those two clergymen decided that they will go and be declaring support for a man that is accused of raping multiple people? Do we have shame in this country like this?

Someone said suffering and hunger has removed our shame, maybe that is true. these leaders have supporters o. Tufia!

If you keep thinking about Nigeria and our leaders, you won’t live long ni o. That brideprice you are planning to chop on top Ada’s head, you will not see again. Let us face our own problems.

Or we can write a letter to the president, following the footsteps of Baba, your kinsman.

Hahaha. That man likes writing letter o. Every time letter to the president. He should write one to the citizens or Super Eagles. And ehen, we need more English teachers in our schools. Let them learn how to write letters, it’s not every time Facebook and Wazzup.

So that is how Nigeria did not make it to the finals at AFCON ehn? When we started having hope in them, they just scattered everything. Maybe it is because of all the money they were promised. They even scored an own goal. Chai.

Ah Mazi, they tried naa. Shebi we expected them to be kicked out since? But now they will be competing for third place with Tunisia.

Tunisia nkiti! Issorite. Egbon, Let me come and be going.

Hehe, my friend, we go jam for the junction.

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