How To Help If Your Partner Is Unhappy

Ps If your partner is on the lines of depression. Please seek professional help.

Relationships and marriages are all about the experience, ups, and downs. When your partner is going through a dark phase of unhappiness, it’s normal to ask questions and yearn to get involved.

Generally, your questions will understandably be to view and improve your partner’s mood and try to make them happier.

Sometimes the answer to your partner’s happiness isn’t really with them but with you. And it is more useful to ask yourself questions, to see if, somehow, you are part of the whole reason for their moodiness.

Your duty is to be the best version of yourself, for you and your partner. So whenever your partner shows elongated signs of unhappiness and nothing you do seems to cheer them up, you need to ask yourself if you’ve been good and be honest with your answers.

So you should ask yourself: am I really doing this or that in the manner my babe likes it? Have I been paying him or her enough attention? Do I say I love you enough? Do I meet their emotional needs?

Your partner is probably distant, silent and unhappy because, probably, over time, all their complaints and communications have fallen on deaf ears and never yielded any good result.

What this further establishes is the necessity of humble self-assessment in the relationship. No one is too big to assess themselves, note their errors and change for good if you really treasure that relationship.

That could be all you need to make your partner move away from a gloomy, depressed person to a happy sweetheart.

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