Gamophobia: Fear Of Commitment

Commitment is the state or quality of being dedicated to a person, a cause or activity. Our generation has created a phobia around the fear of commitment.

Commitment is a bond between two people. While many people are able to find a person to spend their whole life with. For others, the story is quite different. The idea of commitment is as scary as hell.

Marriage is next to commitment. Any irrational fear of marriage or commitment is known as gamophobia.

A person who suffers from gamophobia is specifically scared to get into a marriage. Usually, gamophobia is common with men. Men, according to online searches, fear marriage due to the personal, financial and social risks that come along with marriage.

However, in our generation, you can find gamophobia in both men and women. The fear of commitment can be driven by so many factors. Aside from financial responsibility and personal insecurity, fear of marriage can also be linked to personal incidents.

With the advent of social media. The stories people tell freak everyone out. Tackling the fear of commitment is a struggle.

How To Treat Gamophobia

Gamophobia is treated with two methods, medication and therapy. Although it’s not possible for us to prescribe medication, we can give ways to work on your issue by yourself.

Re-evaluate Your Failed Relationships

How or where did they go wrong? Consider if you did something to hurt them or the other way around. It is possible that you were not willing to make enough compromise or sacrifice?


Every relationship blog, website or book stresses communication between couples. Communication is the key to know if your partner is truly the one.  Do some serious thinking if you will retain your respect for them during inevitable life changes. Their aspirations may be a good way to determine this.

Pin Point Why You Fear Commitment/Marriage

There are many deep seeded reasons why you may be scared of the idea of marriage. Maybe you had a bad memory from a couple you looked up to. Or you grew up in a rough home. Either way, you might not remember the cause exactly. It’s good to find the reason for this and work through it.