My Top Must-Read Thrillers

I love thrillers, mystery, horror and everything in that spectrum. It is hard to find really good books to keep you company. 

These are some books you’d definitely enjoy if you are into the same genres as I:

You (By Carolina Kepnes)

This is a really terrifying and brilliant novel by Carolina. It’s a good thing that Netflix has turned it to a series. However, if you are a book lover instead of a movie buff.

Here’s the summary;

When a beautiful aspiring writer strides into the East Village bookstore where Joe Goldberg works, he does what anyone would do: he Googles the name on her credit card.

There is only one Guinevere Beck in New York City. She has a public Facebook account and Tweets incessantly, telling Joe everything he needs to know: she is simply Beck to her friends, she went to Brown University, she lives on Bank Street, and she’ll be at a bar in Brooklyn tonight—the perfect place for a “chance” meeting.

As Joe invisibly and obsessively takes control of Beck’s life, he orchestrates a series of events to ensure Beck finds herself in his waiting arms. Moving from stalker to boyfriend, Joe transforms himself into Beck’s perfect man, all while quietly removing the obstacles that stand in their way—even if it means murder.

A terrifying exploration of how vulnerable we all are to stalking and manipulation.

If Only You Knew (By M. William Phelps)

The thing I loved about this book was its ability to hold me captive. From the start of the book to the end. 

M. William Phelps writes true crime novels and most the best aspect I loved in this book, in particular, was how he was able to capture every character’s perspective. 

Here’s the book summary;

When Vonlee “Nicole” Titlow and her aunt, Billie Jean Rogers, came home from a night of gambling in a casino near Detroit, they told police they found Billie’s husband unconscious on the floor of the Rogers’ mansion. Just another of his alcoholic benders, they assumed. But this time, Donald Rogers didn’t wake up.

The investigation would reveal the sordid story behind the death of a self-made millionaire–including transgender adventures in Chicago and Denver, a tangled web of dueling addictions, a mind-boggling history of out-of-control spending, and how a sex change operation may have fueled a motive for murder. 

The Six (By Anni Taylor)

If you are suffering from any type of addiction? This book will make you want to quit. Not to worry its not a motivational boring…blah…blah… kind of book. It will, however, scare you to stop.

This novel, perfectly written by Anne Taylor follows the story of addicts and psychopathic killers.

Here’s the summary;

28 people travel to a remote island for a unique program that promises to heal their addictions.

But they’ve headed into their worst danger of their lives.

In the grip of crushing gambling addiction, young mother Evie is desperate for a way out. She’s stunned when she’s offered a lifeline: A program that includes a six-day stay in a Greek monastery, six challenges and a chance at sixty thousand dollars. 

There is just one condition – she must keep it secret. 

Evie’s husband Gray is gutted to find the note that Evie left behind. Why did she leave and where did she go? And is she ever coming back? But his anger turns to alarm as he begins to piece together the circumstances of his wife’s disappearance. When Evie’s car is found burned in woodland, the police suspect him of murdering Evie. 

Gray has got one chance to get out of the country and find Evie – before he’s arrested for something he didn’t do.

Too late, Evie discovers the chilling truth about the program and the island itself. 

And the closer she gets to finding an escape, the closer the deadly danger lurking in the depths of the monastery gets to her.

Sick Girl (By Rachel Hargrove)

When you stalker becomes your savior. I love the twist at the end of the novel. The sad part though is that it’s quite short.

Though, for those who just want a quick read, will enjoy this book. 

Heres the summary;

His wife always comes first. Until now. 

25-year-old scrappy Aubrey is fed up with her boyfriend, Tom, a married man with two children. When he’s not shoving their affair on the back burner, he’s canceling their dates. With a frightening health diagnosis looming over her shoulder, Aubrey concocts a desperate plan to have Tom forever. 

Kill his wife. Take her place. 

Befriending Tom’s successful, kind wife comes easily to Aubrey. However, the closer they become, the more doubts Aubrey has about following through. Then a shocking discovery changes everything.

Misery (By Stephen King)

I love Stephen King. And this story blew my mind. ‘Misery’ is a gruesome story of torture with blood, guts, and a psychopath. It’s a well-told tale, the characters are well developed and the fact that there are only two of them never gets boring. It’s a real page-turner, in fact, I finished it in one night. But, this book is more than just a thriller.

Here’s the book summary;

Paul Sheldon. He’s a bestselling novelist who has finally met his biggest fan. Her name is Annie Wilkes and she is more than a rabid reader – she is Paul’s nurse, tending his shattered body after an automobile accident. But she is also his captor, keeping him prisoner in her isolated house.