#Pepperdem Night 1 Details On The Housemates

In case you missed the start of the Big Brother Pepper dem start, you will want to read this.

The most anticipated reality show, Big Brother Naija, kicked off 30 June with music by Burna Boy; followed by a tense montage of the housemates.

The ever-stylish Ebuka Chiwendu is once again our host for the 4th season. Styled in a black sequins suit, Ebuka introduced himself and the theme of the fourth season, which is pepper dem.

The red hot pepper might have given that away a bit. This season, proudly sponsored by Bet Naija, with an outstanding prize of 60 million naira and the title BBNaija Winner.

We are introduced to the first three pepper dem housemates:

Avala / 30 / Ogun

“I’m very excited to meet my housemates and for them to get to know my personality.” She is here for the ‘mula’. The black beauty feels that the BBNaija is a social experiment for her as long as it doesn’t endanger her life.
She’s not looking for love, it’s her first audition and is ready to give the crowd love, drama and fun on the dance floor.

Khafi / 29 / Ekiti

Khafi Kareem is based in London but from Ekiti state. She is single and available. Khafi wants to be the first female to win the Big Brother Naija. She shows enthusiasm in living with people at the BBNaija house because she hasn’t lived with people before.

Omashola / 38 / Delta

Walks in a stylish gentleman, who had auditioned for the BBNaija show once in the past. He’s here for the entertainment and money, followed by fame. He shows us he is one to watch; seems lively, fun and will be the life of the party.

Frodd / 28 / Anambra

Frodd, meaning Fresh & Odd. He’s excited, wants to be himself and meet friends. He’s a corporate guy and a marketer. Frodd is in for the money and lives in Lagos.

Ike / 28 / Imo

Ike is here for the win. He is ready to show everyone what he has, he’s here to win. Ike loves fast cars, beautiful women and is looking for love, money, and fame.
He dislikes judgemental people and people who ‘claim’ to know it all. He’s a model trying to break out in Naija and wants the full Naija experience.

Ella / 30 / Anambra

Ella is single and not ready to mingle. She also loves to dance. She considers herself a savage (jungle girl). She wants to be the head of the house and if possible every week.

Kimoprah / 23 / Imo

She wants to study her other housemates for the first week. Kimophra wants to use the opportunity to invest in a few projects and further her education. She is single, ready to mingle and there’s a lot to drama, manipulation, and sarcasm to be expected.

Isilomo / 27 / Edo

Isilomo is an adventurous spirit, loves her family and money. She is single and she will be lively and is ready for the game.

Jackye / 23 / Anambra

Jackye loves sports and is into music. With no outlined plan yet, we don’t know what to expect from this melanin beauty. She’s not married but she’s in a relationship.

Tuoyo / 24 / Delta

Say hello to my handsome, grateful for the opportunity. Our beard gang cutie is single and will be mingling in the house. He is into fitness and will be making friends. Tuoyo is here for the money.
On stage, he explains he is a part-time stripper. He expects to be judged because he is a stripper.

Nelson / 26 / River State

Nelly gives us the nerdy vibes and is definitely single and available. He dislikes smelly people. Mr. Universe Nigeria is also a masseuse.

The pepper dem gang is really giving us a run for our money with beautiful ladies and gentle men. Here are the remaining housemates

Sir Dee / 28 / Kogi State

Sir Dee is still trying to understand the fact that he’s in the house. He wants to understand and relate to everyone. He is here for the money and fame.

Seyi / 30 / Ogun

Seyi is known as ‘the Doctor’. His strategy depends on the housemates. Not single and not available. Seyi is here for the experience, the opportunities and the money is definitely the cherry on top.

Ester / 22 / Lagos

Say hello to the petite damsel, Shes here for the money, experience, and fun. She loves dancing, reading and fun. Expect Ester to be rude, blunt and be herself. She is very single.

Thelma / 26 / Imo

Thelma is here to spice up the house, #pepperdem. She’s in for the booze! also the experience, the money and wants to win. Thelma will be bringing trouble to the house.

Gedoni / 31 / Cross Rivers

He will be observing the other housemates for the first week. He loves cleaning and food. Gedoni is definitely single and searching. He designed what he is wearing to the launch show and will take advantage of the platform.

Diane / 23 / Kaduna

She loves cooking because it’s therapeutic. Diane is single and searching. The petite model has a few anger issues on her hands and definitely hates lies.

Mercy / 26 / Imo

She is here to tease the guys, so she hopes they match her spirit. Shes too blunt and can’t keep a secret. She is a video vixen.

Tacha / 23 / Rivers

The beauty likes money and hates house chores. She is very expressive and certainly expresses it. Tasha feels like a start and everyone is an escort

Jeff / 30 / Anambra

Jeff is a super single and is looking for love. He’s in for the money and will be rolling with the ladies.

Mike / 28 / Lagos

Mike is from Manchester United but originally from Lagos. He is a married man and will be taking advantage of the opportunity. He promises to give a great show.

The pepper dem gang are in the house and you can start selecting your favorite housemate on our poll. Click here for more bbnaija gist.

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