The Ideal Birthday Gift For Boyfriends or Spouses

Deciding on the ideal birthday gift to get for your boyfriend or spouse can be very stressful most times. Women oftentimes are faced with undue stress of making the right choice; the stress gives rise to questions like:

My boyfriend’s birthday is next month, and he’s a pastor. What should I do?

Is buying a t-shirt for my boyfriend as a birthday gift a wise choice?

I like this guy whose birthday is tomorrow. What gift should I get him?

My spouse’s birthday is next week. What ideal gift should I get him? Et cetera.

Birthday gifts for men has been a puzzling task for some women and in most cases when it has to do with their spouse of a boyfriend. The most loved person in the world notably for women is their men, hence the need to show them love especially on their birthdays. As a girlfriend or wife, you would without an atom of a doubt want your birthday wishes and gifts to be different from others. Most times you think of a present, only to realize that he has been given such present almost in every occasion.

The kind of gift a woman presents to the man in her life mainly on his birthday matters a lot. Despite how unachievable it might seem, especially with the dilemma attached to choosing the right gift out of two. The pressure is increased especially in a new relationship when you barely know his likes and dislikes. Up to when you think you have run out of ideas on the perfect birthday gift for him that can standout amidst other gifts he will be receiving. And also the issue of budgeting and time frame which in most cases lead to anxiety and probably causes undue stress.

Insight on Men

After reading through this piece, I believe that every woman can really overhaul the pressure of picking out the right gift for their boyfriend or spouse. Nigerian men generally have a favorable and publicly recognized reputation of being difficult to please especially when it comes to gifts. Be that as it may, it may seem like Nigeria men don’t value gifts, but the truth is that the do. The reality on the ground is that most of them don’t really know how to show it, hence, the “misbelieve”. In the course of this article, we will be seeing the hints and possibly, the perfect gift to get him on his birthday.  

Ideal Birthday Gifts

In an interview with some Nigerian men, the following among others, in no particular order are the various birthday gifts that would interest them.

  1. Cook for him: It is believed that the way to a man’s house is through his stomach, especially if he’s a foodie. Show off your culinary arts and impress him by preparing a delicious delicacy (his favorite if possible) for him.
  2. A delightful birthday video: With the aid of video maker tools, you can easily create a catchy birthday video that shows a lot of memories of you both, which you’ve captured in either your mobile phone, cameras or out in social media platforms. These video should entail the wonderful times you both share together, reassuring your commitment to him.
  3.  Book a surprise trip: Booking a surprise trip for him to a site or place you’ve both wanted to visit is definitely an ideal birthday gift. Especially when the place is within your reach, financially.   
  4. Spend quality time with him: Sharing quality time with your partner especially on his birthday is one of the ideal birthday gift you can give him. For most Nigerian men, it really gladdens their hearts to see their partner make out time to be with them especially on their birthday. You can even take it a bit higher by scheduling a spa, massage or Jacuzzi appointment for him. Though based on financial constraints, you can even check out instructional videos online and be his masseuse for the day. He would definitely be impressed.
  5. A paid outing: Taking your man out to a nice eatery and solely paying for the bill is also an ideal birthday gift to make them feel loved. For some who like visiting new places, picking a place in his wishful list and sponsoring the trip to there or probably paying for ticket alone, is surely an ideal birthday gift.
  6. Gadgets: Most Nigerian men loves gadgets, and buying gadgets for your man is also an ideal birthday gift. Like a new iPhone 11, if his phone is faulty. But, if it’s not readily available, you can get him a M1 Micro SD Reader with MicroUSB Connector that can help to free up a lot of space.
  7. Nice Perfume/Spray: Giving your partner a nice perfume/spray as is also an ideal birthday gift. As one tends to make cuddle time so much enjoyable and fun with a nice perform/spray that has a fragrance you both will love.
  8. Wristwatch: Men love some bling. A water resistance wristwatch with a leather strap and a color that can fit his casual and dressy outfit will be ideal for a birthday gift.
  9. Footwear: Promoting his shoe collections with an edge pair of footwear he can wear every day. Or you can make it personal by getting him a unique customized pair. Both are indeed another ideal birthday gift.
  10. Cake: Men appreciates the idea of her woman going through the stress of making him a birthday cake. Aside from ‘cake’, making him any other pastry that he loves is also an ideal birthday gift for men.
  11. Wallet and accessories: Most organized men always like and uses wallet. And buying this “close to perfect” present as a birthday gift makes him feel loved.
  12. Fine bottle of wine/champagne: Buying a bottle of wine for your boyfriend or spouse especially if you know his brand. Packed in a fancifully decorated gift bag with possibly a birthday card, it’s undoubtedly another ideal birthday gift.

Hints to getting him a perfect birthday gift

Despite the category man falls under, starting from a foodie, an outdoorsy type, an indoor type, or the type that likes good cocktail among others, there’s always a gift that will interest him. The following are helpful hints to guide you in making the right choice when it comes to choosing a perfect gift for your boyfriend or spouse:

  1. Know your budget: First step in getting a nice birthday gift is through figuring out the reasonable amount you can afford. After coming up with the amount, be strict and avoid getting gift that is over the supposed budget. Most times, especially with thoughtful gifts, their monetary aspect do not commensurate with the joy the recipient derives from such gift.  
  2. Put yourself in his shoes: In putting yourself in his shoes, you consider his hobbies, likes and dislikes. A little research on his hobbies and interests would definitely be helpful in knowing the right gift to get him on his special day. Questions like what he does in his spare time, what he might want to buy for himself, this will definitely make you see things from his perspective and make you know
  3. Ask his group of friends: Asking his groups of friends who he usually handout with on advice on what to get him as a birthday gift can be helpful most times. Your boyfriend or spouse might be the type that hangout with his group of friends, which can definitely know what he fancies for a gift.  
  4.  Seek for ideas from him: This can be done indirectly, by asking him for a list of birthday wish. And also by asking him what he would like to have for the moment. Asking such questions and finally picking one or two gifts from the list has proven most time to be the best way to get him what he really love.
  5. Paying attention to details:  As his birthday draws near, there are every tendency that would drop one or hints in your normal discussions. Paying attention in discussions with him especially a few weeks to his birthday and following up on obvious things he’s bringing up especially as it relates to the gifts, is a better way to know the ideal gift for him.
  6. As his family members: Asking your boyfriend or spouse family is another good way to know the right gift to get him. He might be more relax discussing about what he fancies for a birthday present with his family than with you. But endeavor to tell them to keep it a secret should you want to go with their options.  


Birthdays are special days because of all the joy and fun time they bring to our lives. Choosing an idea birthday gift for your boyfriend or spouse will definitely make a difference. Undoubtedly, it’s better to put a lot of efforts into a present, be it a birthday or not, than to put no effort in multiple gifts.

Have you gone through the article and still finding it difficult to decide the right birthday gift for your boyfriend or spouse? Feel free to ask questions or drop your comments in the comment box.

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