Top Seven (7) Gardens and Parks in Abuja

Abuja is a beautiful place, filled with millions of people working tirelessly to earn a living. In the course of the hustle and bustle, it’s good for one to take out time to relax and rest. I mean, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Funny as it is, but it is undoubtedly true.

In the quest of getting a suitable refreshing and relaxation Gardens and Parks in Abuja, Aperental Car Rental Service, located in Abuja, Nigeria, conducted some research and now presents to you the Top Seven (7) Gardens and Parks in Abuja for both residents and visitors to explore and enjoy the beauty of nature.  

Tobix Recreational Park and Garden

Tobix Garden
Tobix Garden

The Tobix Recreational Park and Garden is on our top seven (7) Parks and Gardens to visit in Abuja. The multipurpose park and garden was built in 2012 and is situated along Banex-Gwarinpa Express Road. It is 300 meters from “NEXT Cash-and-Carry supermarket”, and has a capacity to contain up to 3500 guests. Tobix Recreational Park and Garden is a haven, well-planned park and garden space. The park indeed has a gorgeously, untainted tranquility and relaxation place.

The park offers lots of recreational activities such as a badminton court, restaurants, sport training lessons, children playground, places for family recreation, among others.

The Tobix Park and Garden occupies two (2) acres of land and also have spaces with nice background cover for both pre and wedding pictures and events. It has constantly played host to unique events that brought celebrities and dignitaries from all works of life. The Park, since 2013, has been voted as the most beautiful theme park in Abuja. Tobix Garden is indeed a place where the fun comes naturally.

Millennium Park

Millenium Park
Millennium Park

The Millennium Park is located in the Maitama district of Abuja and occupies 32 hectares of land. The Millennium Park is undoubtedly Abuja’s finest and biggest public park. Commissioned during the Obasanjo administration in 2003 by Queen Elizabeth II and some prominent African dignitaries, Millennium Park offers the serenity of gorgeously designed Pedestrian path.

The pedestrian path guides visitors to a refreshing fountain while experiencing the coziness of the environment; to savor the freedom and freshness that nature has to offer as they explore the park.

Visitors can also visit the garden with their mats, food items and drinks to entertain themselves as they relax in the Garden. When you visit in the late evening when there is less crowd, you will definitely concur that the park is one of the nicest romantic picnic spots in the city.

Rabby Recreation Park

Rabby Recreation Park
Rabby Recreational Park

Located behind Brains and Hammers Estate, Dape District Life Camp, Abuja, Rabby recreational park is among the top parks to visit in Abuja for day time fun and relaxation. Sitting on a 20,000 square meter land space, a fully equipped 1,000-seat event center, a magnificent fountain, a lush green area, and an exquisite landscape. The park has a serene natural ambiance to it.

The Rabby Recreation Park is still newly opened, hence it’s quiet and a sublime haven in Abuja. With an amazing setup and ample space for various activities like weddings, paintball gallery, sports, gym, swimming pool, outdoor parties, among others, Rabby Recreational Park also offers activities for children and a zoological section where they host exotic animals. It’s definitely a place to visit.

Magicland Amusement Park

Magicland Amusement Park
Magicland Amusement Park

Are you thinking of where to take your family or children? Magicland Amusement Park is the place to be. Magicland Amusement Park, formerly known as Wonderland Amusement Park, is a family and children-oriented recreation and fun center.

Located close to the city gate at 1, Kukwaba Hills, opposite the National Stadium, Abuja, and lies on an approximately 330,000 square meters land. Magicland Amusement Park inculcates all kinds of recreational and fun activities, such as flying towers, pirate ship, roller coasters, ocean cars, cowboy mini wheels, among others. Aside from the awesomeness of its location, the park is also an ultra-modern world-class recreation center.

Additionally, Magicland Amusement Park is the biggest and most equipped amusement park across Nigeria. The park also offers enough parking slots for cars and 24 hours security service with both uniformed and ununiformed security personnel patrolling the area.

There is also a clinic center within the park to ease the tension of parents in case their kids suffer minor accidents or injuries. Availability of lots of amazing facilities possessed by the park makes it a sure place to visit by Abuja residents or visitors.

Eden Parks and Gardens, Abuja

Eden Parks And Gardens, Abuja
Eden Park and Garden

Located at 295 Augustus Aikhomu Way, Jabi, off Utako District, Abuja, Eden Parks and Garden is well known as a fun center and resort for picnics, leisure, and recreational activities. The park is among the coolest parks in Abuja and plays host to different kinds of events and entertainment that are sure to happen every day.

Most shows at the Eden Park and Garden draw all manners of celebrities and the crème-de-la-crème of Abuja. These people come to enjoy a tranquilizing evening. With soothing music oozing in the air, along with the sweet aroma of barbecue from their restaurant, guests rediscover themselves. Complementing a tasty cooked meal or grilled fish with chilled drinks, Eden Parks and Gardens is no doubt one of the most glamorous relaxation spots in Abuja.

Jabi Lake and Park

Jabi Lake And Park
Jabi Lake and Park

Located along Alex Ekwueme Way, Jabi, Abuja, Nigeria, Jabi Lake and Park is a beautiful place to go have fun and relax. Jabi Lake is encircled with lush green vegetation and large serene atmosphere. There is adequate parking space for everyone. The park also features a man-made lake (Jabi Lake), which offers canoe rides, speed boat rides among other water sports, all for fun.

The water sports also aid in easing off aquaphobia with a close to beach feel. A place which is also known as fisherman spot, Jabi Park is undoubtedly a perfect place for romantic getaways, individual and group hangouts, and family picnics.

Surrendered with water and gorgeous scenery, nothing compares to the full package and recreational activities Jabi Lake offers. Jabi Lake is, undoubtedly, among the top six (6) Parks and Gardens in Abuja.

BMT African Garden

 Bmt African Garden
BMT African Garden

The BMT African Garden is located at 1245 Ademola Adetokunbo crescent Wuse II, Abuja, just beside the Switzerland embassy, though not very popular as it’s still new but definitely a good place for a picnic. The BMT African Garden is a beautiful and spacious garden with a serene atmosphere.

The Garden consists of amenities and structures, such as a well-equipped gym, a town hall and a swimming pool. One of the things that make BMT Garden standout is basically the delightful way in which African Legends and World leaders were painted on its walls. BMT African Garden also has a library, zoo, entertainment complex, water fountain, lounge, et cetera. BMT Africa Garden is a beautiful place to visit with friends and family and we recommend it.

The above-listed parks and Gardens, in no particular order, are the top seven (7) Parks and Gardens in Abuja courtesy of Aperental. Furthermore, are you an Abuja resident or visitor? Aperental car rental company is always available for your car rental needs. With us, it’s all about comfort and professional service.

Feel free to add your preferred Parks and Gardens in the comments box.  

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