6 Most Interesting Places to Visit in Abuja.

Abuja is a beautiful city built in the 80’s and is currently the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. Its geographical location contributes to the increased number of the edifice and tourists’ visits among others. There are also historical places and tourist attractions within the city.

Aperental, the number one Car Rental Company in Abuja, Nigeria will be taking you through our six interesting places to visit in Abuja.

1)   The Millennium Park

6 Most Interesting Places To Visit In Abuja.
Millennium Park

Millennium Park is situated close to the former Presidential Palace just within the presidential and administrative building in Abuja. It’s another interesting place to visit in Abuja.

It was established in 2003 in a historic note. There, the then Nigeria president, Olusegun Obasanjo, the UK prime minister Tony Blair, her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and all the commonwealth leaders had to plant a Madagascarensis Ravenala palm, which eventually constituted to the birth of the park.

The Millennium Park which was designed by an Italian architect Manfredi Nicoletti is the biggest park in Abuja. It has a river dividing it into two by its main rectilinear point. The millennium park is a glamorous tourist sight. And it is used for picnics, bird watching, connecting with nature, hangouts and entrance are free too.

2) The Art and Craft Village

6 Most Interesting Places To Visit In Abuja.
The Arts and Crafts Village

The Art and Craft Village, which is situated in the heart of Abuja, i.e. within the city center, is definitely one the most-see places in Abuja. It contains, unarguably, the most diverse cultural artifacts around ranging from sculptures, art painting, magnificent bead-works, and other interesting artworks.

The Art and Craft Village also serves multiple functions which include, serving as a mini-museum and market as it provides an avenue to buy souvenirs and business for craft collectors. It also showcases our rich cultural heritage and among others. The Art and Craft village is a really interesting place to visit, for curators, artists, historians, tourists and excursion destination for students and art lovers.

3) Abuja Zoological Garden

6 Most Interesting Places To Visit In Abuja.
Abuja Zoological Garden

The Abuja Zoological Garden, also known as The National Children Park and Zoo, is located in Asokoro District of Abuja close to Aso Rock, and just behind the Presidential Villa.

Formerly known as Treasure Island, the National Children Park and Zoo is indeed an interesting place to visit. With ‘Toddlers Lane’ designed for kids to play, and also consist of a group of reptiles, wild animals and domestic animals moving around in a transparently secured terrain.

It’s really a marvelous sight to behold. The Children Park and Zoo also serves an enlightening purpose. In one of my trips there, I learned that ostriches have two colors based on gender. The female ones are grey in color while the males are black. The park there also has an adequate and secured playground with a wide range of equipment for children to play with and have fun.

4) Eagles Square

6 Most Interesting Places To Visit In Abuja.
Eagles Square

While you are in Abuja and have not visited the Eagle Square your journey is far from being complete. Built in 1999, it has a parking lot that can contain more than 500 cars. The square has continuously served as a center for inaugurations and change of power of new government in Nigeria.

Abuja Eagle Square is mostly used for historical and national events as well as hosting lots of political rallies, launching and award ceremonies, concerts, religious crusades, shows, among others. The Eagle Square is located in a secure and strategic location with prominent buildings surrounding it like the National Cenotaph, National Assembly, Federal Secretariat, and the Supreme court. The Eagle square is for sure an interesting place to visit in Abuja.

5) Jabi Lake

6 Most Interesting Places To Visit In Abuja.
Jabi Lake

There are only a few things better than relaxing in between the pages of a book, taking a boat ride and enjoying a dip at the Jabi Lake in Abuja. Jabi lake is basically being known to be filled with couples, tourists, adventurers and fun lovers. The Lake which is attached to a park is estimated to have cost $1.5B in the course of turning it into a resort. The Lake offers a lot of memorable experiences and activities for both families and loved ones.

For those that don’t want to go through the stress of cooking and coming along with it, all you need is a mat and a basket and be sure to fill the basket with fruits, snacks and other food items from the restaurants and shops around. After a hangout or picnic, take a stroll around the lake and enjoy the ever-cool evening breeze of the terrain. While on Jabi Lake one can just window-shop at Jabi Lake Mall.

6) The Jabi Lake Mall

6 Most Interesting Places To Visit In Abuja.
The Jabi Lake Mall

Jabi Lake Mall was opened for the public in 2015 at Jabi and is the most recent addition within the Lake. The two-fold level mall with contemporary designs, which is beside Shehu Yar’Adua expressway, is a beautiful sight to behold. Its location is a driving distance of about 11 minutes away from the city center. Strolling to the beautiful Jabi Lake Mall, one will be marveled by the lots of activities happening. With a 25,000 square meters’ area, a Lost and Found Center where one can call or visit and ask for lost items.

The mall also provides a free high speed 24 hours steady Wi-Fi for visitors, an ATMs at most part of the mall. Also in the mall are separate customer service assistance number and cinema area. The mall has a parking lot for over 730 cars which are steadily guarded and a separate fancifully captivating food court. If you really want to check out latest fashion trends and brands, feed your eyes, or probably want to make some shopping or better still watch movies in cinemas, Jabi Lake Mall is definitely an interesting place to visit in Abuja.

Are you a resident in Abuja or a visitor on a business or leisure trip? Ape rental got you covered. With our competent and professional drivers who have got vast knowledge of the city and its road networks. You are sure of getting to your destination with ease.

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6 Most Interesting Places to Visit in Abuja.
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