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Marriage is a sacred institution that serves as the foundation for building families and societies. However, in recent years, Nigeria has witnessed a concerning increase in failed marriages and divorce cases. This article aims to shed light on the underlying factors contributing to this phenomenon, focusing on the unique cultural, social, and economic aspects of Nigerian society.

A Non-Governmental Organisation, NGO, known as the African Centre for Leadership, Strategy & Development (Centre LSD) at the instance of UN Women through the Spotlight Initiative is participating at a High-Level Multi-stakeholder Continental Summit on Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls.

The African Centre for Leadership, Strategy & Development (Centre LSD) shall organize February 7, 2023, the validation meeting of its leading-edge study on the efficacy of community development agreements (CDAs) in mining host communities in Nigeria. This time with mining stakeholders in the southsouth/southwest geopolitical zones in Lagos, Nigeria.

The African Centre for Leadership, Strategy & Development, Centre LSD, shall kick off February 2023, the regional validation exercise of findings of its groundbreaking study on the efficacy of Community Development Agreements, CDAs, in Nigeria’s mining communities beginning with mining stakeholders from the northeast/northwest geo-political zones in Kano, the Kano State capital.