The Corpers’ Den – Part 3

This is the concluding part of the sizzling story, corpers’ den.

The moment Corper Tunde started looking at me in a funny manner, I knew it was possible that he would come for me. He would always keep his eye on me in class. Often times, he would call me aside, asking to see my note. Whenever he checked the notes, he would spot spelling errors and correct them, telling me that I needed to improve and that he was ready to go to any length to help me. He would tell me that he was going to teach me how to spell and give me extra lessons. I only needed to see him after school hours for extra lessons. According to him, it was all up to me, if I wanted to succeed.

Every moment I spent with him in school, I was happy that he had noticed me and was talking to me out of all the other girls in the class. I cherished every minute he called me out. I often laughed at the slightest joke I heard from him. He told me several times that I had a special beauty that he hadn’t seen before. My head would swell to the extent that I would be expecting to hear a loud blast—the type that might loosen the tight braids on my head.

Although he’d invited me to his room, I felt a bit reluctant to go. I came up with various excuses. I wasn’t going to present myself to him easily. I wanted him to impress it on me one way or the other. I was eager to go but I wanted him to use his teacher authority to make me comply with my desire. This way, I would feel more comfortable knowing that I was merely obeying my teacher as a good student.


Corper Tunde eventually came up with the perfect plan. At the close of school, when we all walked the dusty path to our various homes, he would give me his notes and textbooks to carry. I was expected to carry them to the lodge, while he trails behind me.

In one of those book-carrying days, he remarkably walked ahead of me to wait in his room. As I left the other girls, who had parted through another road, I kept on walking straight, towards the Corper’s lodge. I veered into the compound and went straight to the entrance, after leaving the rows of grasses that dotted the compound. I was confident enough and didn’t care about who was looking at me because I had a directive to carry out at the lodge. At least, people would have seen me with books and if they’d asked, I would have told them that one of the female Corpers in the lodge had directed me to bring her books to her. It was such an easy deal.

With a drumming heart, I turned the knob of the green iron door. It opened and as I entered, I saw him waiting right on the other side of it. As soon as I came in, he held my hand and led me through the corridor, down to where his room was, at the back. I entered his room, my heart still beating wildly—to the extent that I knew he could hear it.

His room was of average size. It was square in shape. The floor was laced with two brown carpets of different designs and sizes. At the right corner of the floor—on top of one of the carpets—lay a medium-sized mattress. As I looked at the mattress, my heart skipped more. I imagined that I could soon be on the mattress, being touched all over my body. I wondered how he was going to pull it off.

I dropped his books on the low stool he’d pointed at. Besides the mattress, he had a rack where he kept his cosmetics. I saw a body cream, a pack of medicated soap and a tube of toothpaste. I couldn’t discern other things in the rack because my mind was filled with racy thoughts. He asked me to sit on the mattress but I shook my head and looked up at the ceiling. I told him that I had to go because my mother would be waiting for me.

‘Sit down there,’ he said with an authoritative tone.

I shook my head timidly without saying a word. Then I sat on the mattress slowly.

When he saw that I had obeyed him, he walked towards me. As he came closer, I felt my heart losing its mind. It was about to jump out of my chest. He ended up sitting beside me on the mattress.

He looked at my blank face and smiled. I decided it was best to look away from his lusty eyes. So I kept my focus on the rack area without identifying the things in the rack.

‘Binta, you are such a fine girl,’ I heard him say.                                                                               

‘Thank you Sir, but I want to go …’

‘No, don’t worry…’ He paused for a moment as if he was contemplating something. Then he said, ‘I will release you soon.’

As far as I knew, I wasn’t in captivity. I wasn’t even sure of when I was ready to leave his room. I’d already asked Rachael to cover up for me at home. That was if they would ever ask of my whereabouts. Nevertheless, I reasoned that it was better to leave as soon as possible because I was in my school uniform.

With his eyes glued to my body, he moved his arm over my shoulder, as if he was about to tell a secret. What I heard wasn’t a secret—they were low toned words—weaker than a whisper. I was angry with myself for not picking the words, but I knew they were the usual words of admiration, or rather, lust. Then he held me tight.

The intensity of the beat increased as I felt his hands over mine. He was now kneeling behind me, with my back turned to him. He pulled my hands with his and made me face him.

‘What…Why are you dragging me…’ I protested with the last bit of strength I had in me. I felt my body giving in. All he needed to do was drag me further by the side and devour me.

The whole building was silent. The next room, which was occupied by Corper Richard, was empty because he’d traveled. The other room, which belonged to Corper Funke was also empty. She had gone to the market. The fact that we were all alone added to the intensity of the situation.

As he dragged me forward, I heard him say, ‘I like you and I want to feel your body.’

I was happy that I heard those words because such words are like words of justification. You can use them as an excuse for falling. I didn’t say a word in reply, but maybe it was my heart that did the talking. I finally had my back flattened to the plush mattress. He was now all over me.

He tried to kiss my lips several times but I always took it away from him. He often asked why I wouldn’t kiss him but I gave no answer. Since I couldn’t take my neck away, he would kiss me all over there. He then pasted his lips to the surface of my hand and went back and forth until he finally proceeded to my moderate breasts underneath my shirt. He held one of them in the palm of his hand and went for a tight squeeze as if he was squeezing the juice of an orange. The squeeze aroused a strange feeling in me. It was a mixture of compressed pleasure, anger and confusion.

I felt angry because here was my teacher in school trying to make out with me. With what he was doing to me, I’d lost my regard for him. I was confused because I liked him. I was attracted to him but I didn’t know how realistic a relationship was with him. I didn’t know if he loved me or he just wanted to use me.

I asked myself if his move was a way of asking me out. I wanted to know if he was going to start a relationship with me if I allowed him in. Normally, what he doing was wrong, but it was right in a way because I liked him. I was happy that I was sexy enough for him to lose his head. Somehow, I also felt betrayed. My teacher had betrayed the trust I had in him. Then the anger rose up more and more. I reasoned that he just wanted to use and dump me. At least, I was experienced and old enough at seventeen to know this. I wouldn’t allow him to see me as a cheap slot. He would have to work hard for whatever it was he wanted.

He eventually removed my brown shirt and bra. My breasts were staring at him and he kept himself busy with them. I allowed him to continue the squeeze as long as he wouldn’t stretch his hands downward. When he sucked my nipples, I got more excited. I wanted him but I wasn’t going to take him in. He kept trying to make contact with my lips but I continued to take it away from him. I acted like it was strange to me. I wasn’t going to portray myself as having some experience. I wanted him to see me as an innocent girl—different from how he saw the village girls.

He managed to take off his shirt and was going for his pair of trousers. He must have thought he was close to conquering me. Though my body had almost given in, I was still determined to avert the vital move. I kept on imagining him in class standing with a serious face. Now, he was all over me doing something naughty.

Finally, he made the move, almost unexpectedly. His hands started traveling under my skirt and he was getting to my thigh. I had to stop him. I held his hand, preventing him from reaching my short tights. I had worn the tights because I knew it was the safest for the bout. It was difficult to conquer because it hugged my thigh tightly.

Whenever I held out his hand, he would giggle, telling me to calm down and relax, because I would enjoy it. I didn’t say a word. I just held on until when he suddenly asked, ‘Are you a virgin?’

It took me a while to answer his stupid question. I eventually said, ‘no’ with an automated pride.

‘Then why are you acting like one? Of course, you have done it before,’ he said emphatically.

I answered him all the same. ‘No.’

He laughed hard and let go of me. ‘You are not serious. Can’t you hear yourself? You’ve never had sex and you are not a virgin.’ He looked at the mattress briefly and smiled. ‘Quite funny… Anyway, it’s like you are still a virgin.’ He shook his head and flattened his lips. ‘No problem…’

I’d reasoned that he was looking forward to a next time to devour me. ‘You think I’m a cheap girl.’ I’d said softly, wanting him to come up with words.

He turned on a more serious face. ‘No, don’t think that way,’ he said. ‘I like you. There is something about you that I cannot place my hands on. I’m not just going to play with you and leave…’


He didn’t play with me afterwards, but he left. I never saw him again.

Three years after he left, I also left for the big city. I left my mates behind to pursue the education that made me admire the Corpers.

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