I’m Asari: The Traffic Situation

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Hi! I’m Asari. I’m a 25-year-old single woman living with my parents and younger brother. I’ve lived in Abuja all my life and went through primary, secondary and university in the city. I’m working as a banker, but I want to be a popular media personality someday. Oh, and I’m hot too!

I have just woken up with the worst hangover and biggest urge to tell you about this thing that happened yesterday. So here it goes…

I was really tired on my way from work and having a forced conversation with the Uber driver. My frustration got even more intense when we got to Apo bridge and there was traffic, so I basically ignored the guy and went on twitter to distract myself. I don’t know what made me look up from my phone and out the window, but I’m really grateful to whatever it was because when I did, I locked eyes with this fine man. 

Ah! Fine man in his fine Audi looking at me with my tired face. Within seconds, I transformed from Asari to Agbani. I just had to relax my face and finger-brush my wig with a smile on my face. Then he laughed and gestured for me to bring down the glass, while he did his.

“Was that for me?” he asked. Still laughing at the fact that I still had my fingers in my hair.

“Maybe,” I said, smiling. Trying really hard to make sure my face was not showing how embarrassed I felt at getting caught.

“You’re very beautiful. You didn’t have to.” Yo, this man was making me melt. His voice, his smile, his eyes.

“Thank you,” I said. “You too.” We both laughed.

“Should I end your trip so you can join him?” I forgot there was another person in the car with me. Tbh, I forgot there was any other person on earth at that moment.

I turned to the Uber driver, “no now, I don’t want to disappear”

“He doesn’t look like a kidnapper o. And it’s like you people already like each other.”

“No please, I really just want to get home.”

“You should consider what he said.” 

“You’re probably not even going my way.”

“Anywhere you’re going is my way, really.” 

I was excited by his persistence, but I really couldn’t see myself getting out of a car and into another in the middle of an Abuja traffic. Like, he’s fine but e never reach.

“We can just keep talking this way, you know. I think we’re doing alright. Besides, I can’t be too careful.”

He laughed, then said, “So you really think I’d do something bad? I admire that you’re careful but this line is going to start moving very soon and we’ll both spend the rest of the day regretting this moment.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll still catch up with you when this line starts to move too.”

“Okay. Which way are you going though? I can wait for you if I cross the traffic light first.”

I smiled. “I’m going to Adisa Estate.” The line was moving now and he was now the person holding it up.

“Oh that’s actually not my way but I’ll wait for you. These people will kill me if I don’t move this car now.”  He drove off. 

“Sister, this guy really likes you o and I can see you’re into him too.”

I was blushing. “He’s good looking. Of course, I’m into him. He also seems like a gentleman and he’s confident too.”

“Ah, just 5 minutes and you can tell these things. I must park this car for you people to talk o. I’m even ending the trip now.”

“You’re funny. Thank you jor.”

We had gotten to the traffic light by then and my jaw literally dropped when I looked ahead and saw my Audi guy standing by his car. He was also tall and dressed simply, but well. He wore a white t-shirt with plain black jeans and black shoes. The light turned green and I couldn’t wait to find out what he smelled like.

“You’re welcome ma.” The Uber guy said as he pulled up behind our (my) guy. I gathered my things and just as I was about to open the door, he said “good luck o.” We both laughed and I waved him goodbye.

“I’m Max, and your body is banging.” He was smiling and extending his hand for a handshake. I took the hand and it was soft. He also smelled like the perfect combination of man and flowers. It made me grow even more excited than I already was.

“Thank you, I’m Asari and I like my body too.” 

“Haha, you’re funny. Can we go somewhere to talk?”

“If it’s a quiet place. I’m just coming from work, so my plan was just to go home and rest.”

“Okay, I’ll just drop you at home so you can rest. I don’t want to make you even more stressed.”

“Aww, thank you.” He went around and held the passenger door open for me and I appreciated that a lot. 

While in the car, we talked about many things. He told me he’s a car dealer and we talked about movies and music until we got to my house. It was a short ride, so I was quite sad that it had to end. But last last sha, we exchanged numbers and agreed to meet today. He has just sent me a text to remind me of that.

I’ll gist you later about everything that happens.

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