It was a sunny day in October; the harmattan breeze blew gently, causing dry leaves to sway following the direction of the wind and slowly descend in a whirling motion onto the golden brown grass, which shone in the sun.

The stadium was filled with vibrant young people all dressed in white NYSC crested vest and army green khaki trousers, seated under the shade while Mrs Amina Musa, a dark plump woman in her forties addressed them.

Hand fans moved from side to side while some others reached into their pockets for their lip balms, gently smearing it at intervals to prevent the harmattan dryness from cracking their lips.

Mrs Amina Musa, the NYSC State Coordinator spoke softly into the microphone, “You are going into the world now; she said, Do well to uphold all the good things you have learnt during your service year and do not bring shame to your various families.

Have good character and a good relationship with God every step of the way”. She went on to speak for five minutes and concluded saying;

“Three happy cheers for our gentlemen corps members passing out today”, the NYSC staffs seated under the shade behind her rose to their feet and cheered”.

Hip hip hip! – Hurray!

Hip hip hip!! – Hurray!

Hip hip hip!!! – Hurray!

Everyone cheered on with full glee and excitement, Uju turned facing Tunde and with tears of joy in her eyes, she gently kissed him on the cheek.

She whispered softly into his ears saying, We made it. She backed away slowly as Tunde nodded in approval saying, “It is the Lord’s doing my dear”.