A BOOK TO READ: The President is Missing

The President is Missing is a novel co-authored by former US President Bill Clinton and novelist James Patterson. The crime, mystery, and political thriller novel was published in 2018 by Alfred A. Knopf and Little, Brown & Co.

The book has its television series being developed by Showtime. The President is Missing is a book to read especially with the former White House Landlord Bill Clinton on this one as well as the veteran James Patterson.


The characters in the novel includes Jonathan Lincoln Duncan (main character; US President), Suliman Cindoruk (leader of a cyberterrorist group), Nina (a member of Suliman’s team), Augie (Nina’s partner), and Bach (a sniper in the cyberterrorist group).


The book started with US President who was in the heat when it was discovered that he made a phone call to Suliman Cindoruk, the leader of a cyber-terrorist group. He was accused of negotiating with a terrorist. He was also discovered to have ordered an attack to stop some Ukrainian operatives in Algeria who were about to kill Suliman but he escaped while an American CIA operative was killed.

He was to meet with a select House of Representatives committee to testify. Duncan was advised by his aides that his testifying and hearing would lead to impeachment proceedings. He however met with the Speaker of the House, who really wants him impeached.

Nina, a young Eastern European woman sent a message with a code ‘’Dark Age’’ to President Duncan’s daughter who was studying in Paris. Duncan’s daughter informed him about the strange person and message, and she is requested to return back home immediately. The code was known to only eight people in Duncan’s cabinet, and is the code name for a cybersecurity operation that America is running after its system was hacked.

Duncan asked to meet Nina in the White House. She then revealed she only have half of the information with her partner named Augie.  The President met Augie in a stadium without Secret service protection. Meanwhile, a sniper named Bach and two ground units working with Suliman’s group have been prepared to ambush and assassinate Nina and Augie.

Nina was however killed while waiting for Duncan and Augie in the van. Duncan, an ex-military man managed to kill two members of the ground team in an attack before being extradited by the Secret Service. Against all odds, Duncan got Augie home while his Secret Service met another ambush.

He later learnt from Augie that he and Nina had created and distributed a highly destructive computer virus for Suliman, but they left and warned the US when they realized what it would do. It was also discovered that the virus will take effect the next day, which begins in a few hours.

Duncan thought his vice president, whom he beat in the primaries, sponsored his impeachment and the code leakage before he knew it was his Chief-of-Staff. The virus was disabled and didn’t go out as planned by the cyber-terrorists, and Bach was captured as the team attempted to kill Augie.

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Duncan also learn that Suliman had been sponsored by Russia and a faction in the House of Saud, both of whom wanted to weaken the superpower status of the US so they could expand their territory without interference. Duncan’s popularity soars after the whole incidence while his impeachment talk was dropped.

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